1907 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1907 British Open was the 47th time this major was played, but for the first time it was won by a golfer who was not British.

Winner: Arnaud Massy, 312

Where it was played: Royal Liverpool Golf Club in Hoylake, England

Tournament dates: June 20-21, 1907

Leader after first round: Arnaud Massy and Walter Toogood, 76

Leader after second round: Arnaud Massy, 157

Leader after third round: J.H. Taylor, 234

Notable Notes: Arnaud Massy established many firsts at the 1907 Open: He was the first French golfer to win a major; the first non-British golfer to win the Open; and the first golfer from Continental Europe to win a major. ... Massy trailed J.H. Taylor by one stroke entering the final round, but shot 77 to Taylor's 80. ... It was the fourth year in a row for Taylor finishing second. ... Massy later lost the 1911 British Open in a playoff. ... There wasn't another Continental European champion at the Open until Seve Ballesteros in 1979.

Final Scores

Arnaud Massy 76-81-78-77—312
J.H. Taylor 79-79-76-80—314
George Pulford 81-78-80-78—317
Tom Vardon 81-81-80-75—317
James Braid 82-85-75-76—318
Ted Ray 83-80-79-76—318
George Duncan 83-78-81-77—319
Harry Vardon 84-81-74-80—319
Tom Williamson 82-77-82-78—319
Tom Ball 80-78-81-81—320
Phillip Gaudin 83-84-80-76—323
Sandy Herd 83-81-83-77—324
a-John Graham Jr. 83-81-80-82—326
Walter Toogood 76-86-82-82—326
John Ball Jr. 88-83-79-77—327
Fred Collins 83-83-79-82—327
Alfred Matthews 82-80-84-82—328
Charles Mayo 86-78-82-82—328
Thomas Renouf 83-80-82-83—328
Reginald Gray 83-85-81-80—329
James Bradbeer 83-85-82-80—330
George Carter 89-80-81-80—330
Jack Rowe 83-83-85-80—331
Alfred Toogood 87-83-85-77—332
Harry Kidd 84-90-82-77—333
David McEwan 89-83-80-81—333
Charles Roberts 86-83-84-80—333
Alex Smith 85-84-84-80—333
James Kinnell 89-79-80-86—334
John Oke 86-85-82-81—334
a-Herbert Barker 89-81-82-83—335
Harry Cawsey 85-93-77-80—335
William McEwan 79-89-85-82—335
a-Charles Dick 85-83-82-86—336
James Hepburn 80-88-79-89—336
James Edmundson 85-86-82-84—337
Ernest Gaudin 88-88-82-80—338
Wilfred Reid 85-87-82-84—338
Robert Thomson 86-87-85-80—338
Albert Tingey 87-84-88-79—338
Ernest Gray 87-84-83-85—339
William Horne 91-80-81-87—339
Peter McEwan 85-85-88-81—339
Arthur Mitchell 94-83-81-81—339
Charles Corlett 90-83-82-85—340
Ben Sayers Jr. 89-85-83-84—341
Fred Leach 88-87-86-81—342
Ben Sayers Sr. 86-83-86-87—342
Philip Wynne 90-83-85-84—342
John D. Edgar 86-88-82-87—343
Harry Hamill 86-87-84-86—343
Peter Rainford 85-84-87-87—343
John W. Taylor 90-92-81-81—344
James Kay 87-84-91-84—346
Frank Larke 91-86-84-86—347
William Lewis 93-91-80-87—351
William MacNamara 87-89-88-87—351
Ernest Risebro 90-92-87-82—351

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