1920 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1920 British Open was the 55th time this major was played — but, due to World War I, the first time since 1914. The champion won despite beginning his tournament with back-to-back rounds of 80.

Winner: George Duncan, 303

Where it was played: Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club in Deal, England

Tournament dates: June 30-July 1, 1920

Leader after first round: Sandy Herd and Ted Ray, 72

Leader after second round: Abe Mitchell, 147

Leader after third round: Len Holland, 229

What Happened at the 1920 Open Championship

The 1920 British Open was the first one played since 1914. A little scuffle known as World War I interrupted the Open Championship and a lot of other things in the 19-teens. So the British Open returned this year and was played at Royal Cinque Ports, a course that was the site of only two Opens. This was the last of those two.

The winner was George Duncan. This was Duncan's lone victory in a major, but he was a Ryder Cup player for Great Britain, won two French Opens, plus had victories in the national opens of Belgium and Ireland, and won many other tournaments. His victory here started a 5-year stretch in which Duncan finished no lower than sixth in The Open. In total, Duncan posted 11 Top 10 finishes in the Open; he also finished in the Top 10 at the U.S. Open, an event he rarely played, twice.

Duncan was 13 strokes off the lead after 36 holes, after opening with back-to-back rounds of 80. Milling around an exhibition tent between the second and third rounds, Duncan spied a driver that looked nifty. So he bought it, and put it into play the next day. And with his new driver, Duncan played himself back into the mix with a third-round 71.

A final-round 72 sealed the victory for Duncan, which was by a margin of two strokes over 1902 British Open winner Sandy Herd. It was Herd's fourth runner-up finish in the Open Championship, his 17th Top 10 finish. Ted Ray, winner of the 1912 British Open and a major champion this year as winner of the 1920 U.S. Open, was third.

A pair of significant golfers made their Open Championship debuts this year: Tommy Armour and Walter Hagen. Armour was still an amateur and wouldn't play in another British or U.S. Open for four years. Hagen was already an established star, having won two U.S. Opens. But the amateur and the star tied for 53rd place.

1920 British Open Final Scores

George Duncan 80-80-71-72—303
Sandy Herd 72-81-77-75—305
Ted Ray 72-83-78-73—306
Abe Mitchell 74-73-84-76—307
Len Holland 80-78-71-79—308
Jim Barnes 79-74-77-79—309
Arthur Havers 80-78-81-74—313
Syd Wingate 81-74-76-82—313
George R. Buckle 80-80-77-78—315
Archie Compston 79-83-75-78—315
William Horne 80-81-73-81—315
J.H. Taylor 78-79-80-79—316
Eugene Lafitte 75-85-84-73—317
Eric Bannister 78-84-80-76—318
Harry Vardon 78-81-81-78—318
Angel de la Torre 84-78-78-79—319
J.W. Gaudin 81-82-77-79—319
Charles Johns 82-78-81-78—319
James Sherlock 82-81-80-76—319
Philip Taylor 78-84-77-80—319
James Braid 79-80-79-82—320
William Smith 81-81-77-81—320
Dick Wheildon 82-78-83-77—320
Reginald Wilson 76-82-78-84—320
Cyril Hughes 83-81-80-77—321
a-Willie Hunter 81-80-81-80—322
Tom Williamson 77-86-79-80—322
C. Ralph Smith 84-80-79-80—323
Arthur Day 77-83-84-80—324
Jean Gassiat 79-82-78-85—324
a-Douglas Grant 83-76-82-83—324
Fred Leach 83-82-78-81—324
Arnaud Massy 81-82-80-81—324
William Ritchie 79-86-81-78—324
Charles Corlett 77-82-81-85—325
a-Robert Harris 84-79-81-81—325
F.C. Jewell 85-79-79-82—325
George Kirby 87-84-79-75—325
Joshua Taylor 78-81-81-85—325
George Gadd 80-87-82-77—326
Claude Gray 82-87-80-77—326
a-Charles Hope 78-81-85-82—326
Herbert Jolly 81-84-77-84—326
Alfred Miles 79-82-81-84—326
Charles Parsons 79-85-77-85—326
a-Cyril Tolley 85-84-79-78—326
James Batley 86-79-78-84—327
Arthur Monk 78-84-85-80—327
Sid Rush 82-84-80-81—327
James Bradbeer 76-89-81-82—328
R.S. Fernie 88-83-77-80—328
Jack Rowe 80-83-81-84—328
a-Tommy Armour 84-82-79-84—329
Walter Hagen 84-82-78-85—329
Herbert Riseborough 83-84-82-80—329
Harry Ball 84-82-81-83—330
William Oke 82-84-80-84—330
Ernest Risebro 81-88-82-79—330
William Watt 81-88-80-81—330
a-Michael Scott 89-82-80-80—331
Frank Ball 80-88-81-83—332
Arthur Butchart 82-88-79-83—332
Dick May 82-87-85-79—333
C.H. Reith 87-82-82-82—333
Percy Wyatt 83-89-81-80—333
a-Carl Bretherton 86-79-84-86—335
Cuthbert Butchart 81-86-86-82—335
James Ockenden 86-86-80-83—335
John Turner 80-86-82-87—335
Fred Collins 84-86-83-83—336
Walter Pursey 81-80-89-86—336
Harry Amos 87-88-82-81—338
Edwin Sinclair 91-80-87-82—340
Anthony Kettley 86-89-81-87—343
W.E. Brown 85-87-87-86—345
Arthur Young 87-89-82-89—347
Robert McKenzie 88-91-89-93—361

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