1905 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1905 British Open was the 45th time this major was played, and very tough conditions resulted in high scores.

Winner: James Braid, 318

Where it was played: The Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland

Tournament dates: June 7-9, 1905

Leader after first round: Harry Vardon, Walter Toogood, Sandy Herd and J.H. Taylor, 80

Leader after second round: Rowland Jones, 158

Leader after third round: James Braid, 237

Notable Notes: How hard were the scoring conditions this year? Winner James Braid shot 78 in the third round and extended his lead. His 81 in the final round still resulted in a five-stroke win. ... It was Braid's second win of an eventual five. ... The problems affecting scoring were high winds and ground that was described as hard and glassy. ... Braid, plagued by putting problems earlier in his career, here used a putter for longer putts and putting cleek (more like a 1-iron) on short putts.

Final Scores

James Braid 81-78-78-81—318
Rowland Jones 81-77-87-78—323
J.H. Taylor 80-85-78-80—323
James Kinnell 82-79-82-81—324
Ernest Gray 82-81-84-78—325
Arnaud Massy 81-80-82-82—325
Robert Thomson 81-81-82-83—327
James Sherlock 81-84-80-83—328
Tom Simpson 82-88-78-81—329
Harry Vardon 80-82-84-83—329
Ted Ray 85-82-81-82—330
Jack Rowe 87-81-80-82—330
Willie Park Jr. 84-81-85-81—331
Tom Williamson 84-81-79-87—331
Sandy Herd 80-82-83-87—332
Thomas Renouf 81-85-84-83—333
Alex Smith 81-88-86-78—333
John Johnstone 85-86-84-80—335
Archie Simpson 87-84-81-83—335
Tom Watt 86-85-79-85—335
Jack White 86-83-83-83—335
Fred Collins 86-86-83-81—336
Percy Hills 87-84-84-81—336
Ernest Foord 85-86-84-83—338
James Hepburn 84-84-87-83—338
William Hunter 84-85-88-81—338
Andrew Kirkaldy 83-83-83-89—338
David Stephenson 84-86-83-86—339
Walter Toogood 82-83-87-87—339
James Kay 85-83-85-87—340
James Batley 88-82-80-91—341
Willie Fernie 83-86-82-90—341
Herbert Hunt 81-89-84-89—343
Joseph Parr 86-82-86-89—343
Ben Sayers 84-88-85-87—344
Alfred Matthews 84-84-87-92—347
Charles Gibson 87-85-85-91—348
Wilfred Reid 81-88-85-94—348
Josh Taylor 89-83-91-88—351
Bob Simpson 87-85-90-90—352
John Johnston 87-81-94-91—353

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