1939 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1939 British Open was the 74th time this major was played — and the last time until 1946 due to World War II.

Winner: Dick Burton, 290

Where it was played: The Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland

Tournament dates: July 5-7, 1939

Leader after first round: Dick Burton, Harry Busson, Max Faulkner and Bobby Locke, 70

Leader after second round: Dick Burton, 142

Leader after third round: John Fallon, 215

What Happened at the 1939 Open Championship

The 1939 British Open was the last one played until 1946, as World War II put most of the golf world on hold. Not long after this Open concluded, the Royal Air Force began using the Old Course's fairways as runways.

It was because of World War II that the winner of the 1939 British Open is the answer to a trick question: Who held the British Open title the longest? The answer is Englishman Dick Burton who, after winning here, held the title for the next seven years, until the tournament resumed in 1946. Burton himself entered service with the RAF shortly after winning the Open.

Burton had two other Top 10 finishes in the Open Championship, but played only one other major, the 1946 U.S. Open (missing the cut).

The third-round leader was John Fallon, but Fallon struggled to a 79 in the final round and wound up tied for third place. The early clubhouse leader was Johnny Bulla, who posted a score of 292.

Burton had held or shared the lead after both the first and second rounds, but a 77 in the third round meant he started Round 4 four strokes behind Fallon's lead. But Burton played most of his round after Bulla had already finished, with that 292 score as his target. And he shot a 71 that ended with a birdie on the final hole to claim the Claret Jug.

1939 British Open Final Scores

Dick Burton 70-72-77-71—290
Johnny Bulla 77-71-71-73—292
John Fallon 71-73-71-79—294
Sam King 74-72-75-73—294
Alf Perry 71-74-73-76—294
Bill Shankland 72-73-72-77—294
Reg Whitcombe 71-75-74-74—294
Martin Pose 71-72-76-76—295
Percy Alliss 75-73-74-74—296
Ernest Kenyon 73-75-74-74—296
Bobby Locke 70-75-76-75—296
Dai Rees 71-74-75-77—297
Jimmy Adams 73-74-75-76—298
Enrique Bertolino 73-75-75-75—298
a-Jimmy Bruen Jr. 72-75-75-76—298
Henry Cotton 74-72-76-76—298
William Anderson 73-74-77-75—299
Emilio Serra 77-72-73-77—299
W.H. Green 75-75-72-78—300
William H. Davies 71-79-74-77—301
Syd Easterbrook 74-71-80-76—301
a-Alex Kyle 74-76-75-76—301
a-Leonard Crawley 72-76-80-74—302
Max Faulkner 70-76-76-80—302
James Busson Jr. 70-75-81-77—303
Laurie Ayton Jr. 72-77-78-77—304
William Collins 75-74-79-76—304
Fred Taggart 73-77-76-78—304
Aurelio Castanon 77-73-80-75—305
Laurie Ayton Sr. 76-72-82-76—306
Charlie Ward 71-74-78-83—306
John Busson 79-70-81-77—307
a-Andrew Dowie 76-74-81-77—308
a-Bob Sweeny Jr. 74-75-80-79—308

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