1957 PGA Championship Winner and Scores

The 1957 PGA Championship was the 39th time this major was played, but it was the last time it was played using a match play format.

Winner: Lionel Hebert

Where it was played: Miami Valley Golf Club in Dayton, Ohio

Tournament dates: July 17-21, 1957

Notable notes: For the final time, the PGA Championship used a match play format, making Lionel Hebert the last of the match-play champions. ... A year later, at the 1958 PGA Championship, the man Hebert defeated here in the championship match — Dow Finsterwald — became the first of the stroke-play champions. ... Defending champ Jack Burke Jr. lost in the second round. ... 1977 PGA Championship winner Gene Littler made his tournament debut here and also lost in the second round. ... To reach the finals, Hebert defeated Max Evans, Marty Furgol, Charles Farlow, Mike Souchak, Claude Harmon and Walter Burkemo.

Late-Round Match Scores

Round of 16 (18 holes)
Lionel Hebert def. Mike Souchak, 2 and 1
Claude Harmon def. Tommy Bolt, 1-up
Walter Burkemo def. Henry Ransom, 5 and 4
Jay Hebert def. Doug Ford, 3 and 2
Donald Whitt def. Milon Marusic, 2 and 1
Dick Mayer def. Ted Kroll, 1-up
Charles Sheppard def. Warren Smith, 4 and 3
Dow Finsterwald def. Sam Snead, 2 and 1

Quarterfinals (36 holes)
Lionel Hebert def. Claude Harmon, 2 and 1
Walter Burkemo def. Jay Hebert, 2 and 1
Donald Whitt def. Milon Marusic, 2 and 1
Dow Finsterwald def. Charles Sheppard, 2-up

Semifinals (36 holes)
Lionel Hebert def. Walter Burkemo, 3 and 1
Dow Finsterwald def. Don Whitt, 2-up

Championship Match (36 holes)
Lionel Hebert def. Dow Finsterwald, 2-up

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