1960 PGA Championship Winner and Scores

The 1960 PGA Championship was the 42nd edition of this major, staged by the PGA of America.

Winner: Jay Hebert, 281

Where it was played: Firestone Country Club (South Course) in Akron, Ohio

Tournament dates: July 21-24, 1960

Leader after first round: Arnold Palmer, 67

Leader after second round: Jay Hebert, 139

Leader after third round: Doug Sanders, 210

What Happened at the 1960 PGA Championship

Jay Hebert took the trophy this year by one stroke over Jim Ferrier and two over third-round leader Doug Sanders, joining little brother Lionel Hebert — winner of the 1957 PGA Championship — as a major winner.

It was tough scoring this year, with only 13 sub-par rounds recorded during the tournament, and that remains a PGA Championship record. There were four sub-par scores in Round 1, and just a single sub-par round (a 69 by Wes Ellis, who wound up sixth) in the final round, also marks still tied for the tournament record.

Arnold Palmer opened with a 67 to take the first-round lead, but faded with middle rounds of 75-74 and finished tied for seventh. After three rounds, Doug Sanders was the leader, with Jay Hebert and 1947 PGA Championship winner Jim Ferrier one stroke behind. But no member of that trio surged in the final round, and Hebert came out on top with an even-par 70 (despite a double bogey on the 10th hole) to Ferrier's 71 and Sanders' 73.

Jay Hebert won seven times during his PGA Tour career, and this was the fifth of those seven victories. It was his only major; in fact, Hebert had only one other Top 5 finish in a major championship. At the time of the 1960 PGA Championship, Hebert's 72 in the third round was the highest third-round score by an eventual winner in tournament history (a record since broken).

This was the first PGA Championship that Ben Hogan played since he won it in 1948, but he missed the 54-hole cut. The car crash that nearly killed Hogan in 1949 left him with lingering leg pain — he simply couldn't take the 36-hole days required by the PGA Championship during its match-play era (which didn't end until 1958).

1960 PGA Championship Final Scores

Jay Hebert 72-67-72-70—281
Jim Ferrier 71-74-66-71—282
Doug Sanders 70-71-69-73—283
Sam Snead 68-73-70-72—283
Don January 70-70-72-72—284
Wes Ellis Jr. 72-72-72-69—285
Doug Ford 75-70-69-72—286
Arnold Palmer 67-74-75-70—286
Ken Venturi 70-72-73-72—287
Fred Hawkins 73-69-72-74—288
Dave Marr 75-71-69-73—288
Bill Collins 71-75-71-73—290
Ted Kroll 73-71-72-74—290
Mike Souchak 73-73-70-74—290
Pete Cooper 73-74-70-74—291
Dow Finsterwald 73-73-69-76—291
Johnny Pott 75-72-72-72—291
Paul Harney 69-78-73-72—292
Lionel Hebert 75-72-70-75—292
Gene Littler 74-70-75-73—292
Tom Nieporte 72-74-74-72—292
Dave Ragan 75-75-68-75—293
Mason Rudolph 72-71-76-74—293
Julius Boros 76-73-72-73—294
Walter Burkemo 72-77-73-72—294
Billy Casper 73-75-75-71—294
Billy Maxwell 74-77-72-71—294
Ernie Vossler 71-77-74-72—294
Jack Burke Jr. 73-72-78-72—295
Cary Middlecoff 73-74-73-75—295
Bo Wininger 73-77-71-74—295
Jerry Barber 76-72-73-75—296
Bob Goalby 72-79-72-73—296
Chick Harbert 78-72-71-75—296
Bob Harris 71-76-77-72—296
Shelley Mayfield 73-73-75-75—296
Henry Picard 77-73-73-73—296
Jim Turnesa 76-73-72-75—296
Al Besselink 71-74-73-79—297
James Clark 74-71-78-74—297
Don Fairfield 70-75-74-78—297
Tony Holguin 76-72-72-77—297
Bud Holscher 77-73-74-73—297
Dick Lundahl 76-73-75-73—297
Art Wall 75-74-72-76—297
Bill Bisdorf 72-74-74-78—298
Dick Knight 74-75-73-76—298
Milon Marusic 74-77-73-74—298
Frank Stranahan 75-75-74-75—299
Fred Wampler 73-72-79-75—299
George Bayer 71-73-76-80—300
Joe Greer 76-73-72-79—300
Dick Stranahan 76-72-74-78—300
Buddy Sullivan 75-73-73-79—300
Frank Harned 75-74-74-78—301
Herb Marcussen 77-72-74-78—301
Tommy Bolt 72-72-78-81—303
Dick Shoemaker 74-76-74-79—303
John O'Donnell 71-71-82-81—305
Sonny Rouse 74-75-75-82—306

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