1968 U.S. Open Golf Tournament Winner and Scores

The 1968 U.S. Open was the 68th time the tournament was played, and it was the site of Lee Trevino's first major championship victory.

Winner: Lee Trevino, 275

Where it was played: Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, New York

Tournament dates: June 13-16, 1968

Leader after first round: Bert Yancey, 67

Leader after second round: Bert Yancey, 140

Leader after third round: Bert Yancey, 205

What Happened in the 1968 U.S. Open

The 1968 U.S. Open wasn't just Lee Trevino's first win in a major championship, it was his first win of any kind on the PGA Tour. Trevino didn't exactly come out nowhere to win this championship, though; it was his third appearance in a U.S. Open, and he finished fifth the year before.

Trevino joined the PGA Tour in 1967, and while he didn't win a tournament in that rookie season, he did earn enough cash to gather some Rookie of the Year accolades from the golf media.

The way Trevino won might have surprised the casual golf fan, however. He shot all four rounds in the 60s — the first time that happened in a U.S. Open (and it didn't happen again until 1993); he beat the runner-up, defending champion Jack Nicklaus, by four strokes. He matched the 72-hole U.S. Open scoring record of the time (set by Nicklaus the previous year) of 275.

Still, it wasn't a runaway for Trevino. He wasn't even the third-round leader. That was Bert Yancey, at 205 (setting a 54-hole tournament record, later broken) one stroke ahead of Trevino. But Trevino took the lead on the ninth hole of the final round and pulled away over the back nine, shooting a final-round 69 to Yancey's 76.

Nicklaus began the final round in third place, seven behind Yancey and six behind Trevino, and shot 67. Trevino went on to win six majors total, and Nicklaus was runner-up to him in four of them.

Fifty-six-year-old Sam Snead tied for ninth place. It was his final Top 10 finish in a U.S. Open.

1968 U.S. Open Final Scores

Lee Trevino 69-68-69-69—275
Jack Nicklaus 72-70-70-67—279
Bert Yancey 67-68-70-76—281
Bobby Nichols 74-71-68-69—282
Don Bies 70-70-75-69—284
Steve Spray 73-75-71-65—284
Bob Charles 73-69-72-71—285
Jerry Pittman 73-67-74-71—285
Gay Brewer 71-71-75-69—286
Billy Casper 75-68-71-72—286
Bruce Devlin 71-69-75-71—286
Al Geiberger 72-74-68-72—286
Sam Snead 73-71-74-68—286
Dave Stockton 72-73-69-72—286
Dan Sikes 71-71-73-72—287
George Archer 74-72-73-69—288
Julius Boros 71-71-71-75—288
Charles Coody 69-71-72-76—288
Rod Funseth 74-72-69-73—288
Dave Hill 74-68-74-72—288
Gary Player 76-69-70-73—288
Mac McLendon 72-76-70-71—289
Hugh Royer Jr. 75-72-73-69—289
Miller Barber 74-68-78-70—290
Roberto De Vicenzo 72-76-72-70—290
Bob Erickson 75-68-72-75—290
Don January 71-75-71-73—290
Bob Lunn 74-73-73-70—290
Pat Schwab 76-70-75-69—290
Tom Weiskopf 75-72-70-73—290
Larry Ziegler 71-71-74-74—290
Bill Collins 71-72-76-72—291
Terry Dill 74-71-73-73—291
Dave Marr 70-72-74-75—291
Bob Murphy 76-71-70-74—291
Charles Sifford 75-69-75-72—291
Harold Henning 75-68-76-73—292
Doug Sanders 73-72-73-74—292
Billy Farrell 70-72-74-77—293
Gibby Gilbert 73-72-76-72—293
Bob Goalby 76-71-73-73—293
Mac Hunter 75-73-74-71—293
Al Balding 70-76-71-77—294
Dave Eichelberger 74-73-76-71—294
Labron Harris Jr. 70-72-77-75—294
Bruce Crampton 75-72-75-73—295
Bob Dickson 76-70-75-74—295
Ronnie Reif 72-74-74-76—296
Robert Stone 75-72-75-74—296
Monty Kaser 73-72-75-77—297
Art Wall 74-74-75-74—297
Frank Beard 76-72-73-77—298
Homero Blancas 72-75-74-77—298
Billy Maxwell 72-74-78-74—298
Kel Nagle 72-75-76-75—298
Gene Borek 73-74-76-76—299
Paul Harney 74-73-78-75—300
a-Dick Siderowf 71-76-76-77—300
Arnold Palmer 73-74-79-75—301
Al Chandler 74-72-78-78—302
a-Jack Lewis 73-75-80-74—302
Johnny Pott 76-72-76-79—303
a-Jim Simons 75-73-81-81—310

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