1923 U.S. Open: Jones' First

The 1923 U.S. Open was the 27th time the tournament was played. Bobby Jones won his first U.S. Open, and in a playoff.

Winner: Bobby Jones, 296

Where it was played: Inwood Country Club in Inwood, New York

Tournament dates: July 13-15, 1923

Leader after first round: Jock Hutchison, 70

Leader after second round: Jock Hutchison, 142

Leader after third round: Bobby Jones, 220

Notable Notes: After years of promise and potential, amateur Bobby Jones, 21 years old, earned his first major championship win. It was the first of his eventual four U.S. Open titles. Jones led by three entering the final round, but Bobby Cruickshank caught him at 296. They played an 18-hole playoff, which Jones won by two strokes, 76 to 78.

Seven years later, when Jones won the 1930 U.S. Open, it was actually Cruickshank who cashed in: He had placed a bet at the beginning of the year on Jones to win all three of the British Amateur, British Open and U.S. Open. When Jones accomplished that, Cruickshank won the equivalent (adjusted for inflation) of nearly $200,000.

Final Scores

Bobby Jones 71-73-76-76—296
Bobby Cruickshank 73-72-78-73—296
Jock Hutchison 70-72-82-78—302
Jack Forrester 75-73-77-78—303
Johnny Farrell 76-77-75-76—304
Francis Gallett 76-72-77-79—304
a-William Reekie 80-74-75-75—304
Leo Diegel 77-77-76-76—306
Bill Mehlhorn 73-79-75-79—306
Al Watrous 74-75-76-81—306
Cyril Hughes 74-76-80-77—307
Jim Barnes 78-81-74-75—308
Joe Kirkwood 77-77-79-75—308
a-Chick Evans 79-80-76-74—309
Joe Turnesa 76-81-74-78—309
Charles Mothersole 77-80-71-82—310
Gene Sarazen 79-78-73-80—310
Walter Hagen 77-75-73-86—311
Willie Ogg 74-76-80-81—311
Mike Brady 74-81-76-81—312
Macdonald Smith 77-76-81-78—312
Emmet French 79-78-77-79—313
Cyril Walker 76-78-80-80—314
P.O. Hart 79-80-78-78—315
Joe Sylvester 77-80-79-79—315
John Black 82-76-78-80—316
William Creavy 73-81-77-85—316
a-Eddie Held 80-75-79-82—316
Hutt Martin 78-78-76-85—317
a-Francis Ouimet 82-75-78-82—317
George Sargent 77-77-81-82—317
Fred Baroni 80-80-78-80—318
Arthur Beebe 77-82-78-81—318
Bob Macdonald 76-80-77-85—318
Abe Espinosa 82-84-78-75—319
Dave McKay 79-82-79-80—320
Harold Sampson 76-81-83-80—320
Jack Burke Sr. 74-78-87-82—321
Fred Canausa 72-82-89-79—322
William Kline 79-78-82-84—323
Charles Rowe 81-78-79-85—323
Stuart Sanderson 83-76-81-83—323
Tom Stevens 77-79-82-85—323
Thomas Harmon 77-79-84-84—324
Peter Harmon 89-77-83-75—324
George Bowden 77-81-81-87—326
Tom Kerrigan 85-77-81-83—326
Eugene McCarthy 79-75-84-88—326
Harry Hampton 78-84-84-82—328
Arthur Reid 80-80-80-88—328
Louis Chiapetta 83-84-80-88—335
a-Frank Dyer 82-85-81-83—331
Edward Gow 84-82-83-82—331
Harold Calloway 84-83-84-83—334
Eddie Williams 80-83-87-85—335
Clarence Booth 86-86-81-83—336
Ben Parola 86-84-82-84—336
Henry Ciuci 85-82-86-85—338
a-Richard Walsh 87-87-83-83—340
Dan Williams 91-82-81-87—341
Walter Ward 86-89-85-85—345

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