Looking Back at the LPGA's Borden Classic Tournament

The Borden Classic is a former LPGA Tour tournament that was played in Ohio. Its time period was from the mid-1960s to the late 1970s.

Kathy Whitworth won two of the first three times it was played, and JoAnne Carner won the final two. Multiple other future Hall of Famers also posted wins here.

First played: 1965

Last played: 1978

Also known as: Lady Carling Open, Pabst Ladies Classic, Len Immke Buick Open

Winners of the Borden Classic
1978 — JoAnne Carner
1977 — JoAnne Carner
1976 — Judy Rankin
1975 — Carol Mann
1974 — Sharon Miller
1973 — Judy Rankin
1972 — Marilynn Smith
1971 — Sandra Haynie
1970 — Mary Mills
1969 — Susie Maxwell Berning
1968 — Carol Mann
1967 — Kathy Whitworth
1966 — Clifford Ann Creed
1965 — Kathy Whitworth

Golf Courses: Riviera Country Club in Dublin, Ohio, was the final stop, and the most frequently used course. Other sites included Raymond Memorial Golf Course and Walnut Hills Country Club, both in Columbus.

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