1970 Masters: Old Friends Meet In Playoff

The 1970 Masters was the 34th time the tournament was played. Billy Casper won in a playoff over his childhood friend Gene Littler.

Winner: Billy Casper, 279

Where it was played: Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Georgia

Tournament dates: April 9-13, 1970

Leader after first round: Tommy Aaron, 68

Leader after second round: Gene Littler and Bert Yancey, 139

Leader after third round: Billy Casper, 208

Notable Notes: Billy Casper defeated Gene Littler in an 18-hole playoff, shooting 69 to Littler's 74. The two old friends knew each other well - they grew up together in San Diego, California. The difference in the playoff was the front nine, which Casper opened with a birdie; Casper led by five strokes at the turn.

It was Casper's third and final win in a major, and his only victory at Augusta National.

Final Scores

x-Billy Casper 72-68-68-71—279
Gene Littler 69-70-70-70—279
Gary Player 74-68-68-70—280
Bert Yancey 69-70-72-70—281
Tommy Aaron 68-74-69-72—283
Dave Hill 73-70-70-70—283
Dave Stockton 72-72-69-70—283
Jack Nicklaus 71-75-69-69—284
Frank Beard 71-76-68-70—285
Bob Lunn 70-70-75-72—287
Chi Chi Rodriguez 70-76-73-68—287
Charles Coody 70-74-67-77—288
Bert Greene 75-71-70-72—288
Tony Jacklin 73-74-70-71—288
Don January 76-73-69-70—288
Takaaki Kono 75-68-71-74—288
Bob Charles 75-71-71-72—289
Howie Johnson 75-71-73-71—290
Dick Lotz 74-72-72-72—290
Orville Moody 73-72-71-74—290
Miller Barber 76-73-77-65—291
Terry Wilcox 79-70-70-72—291
Deane Beman 74-72-72-74—292
Julius Boros 75-71-74-72—292
a-Charlie Coe 74-71-72-75—292
Bob Murphy 78-70-73-71—292
Sam Snead 76-73-71-72—292
Tom Weiskopf 73-73-72-74—292
Yung Yo Hsieh 75-75-69-74—293
Jimmy Wright 75-72-71-75—293
George Archer 73-72-74-75—294
Gay Brewer 78-70-72-74—294
Bruce Devlin 72-74-78-70—294
Larry Hinson 72-72-71-79—294
Ken Still 74-73-74-73—294
Arnold Palmer 75-73-74-73—295
Dan Sikes 70-77-71-77—295
Maurice Bembridge 77-72-70-77—296
Bruce Crampton 75-71-75-75—296
Dale Douglass 76-74-72-74—296
a-Vinny Giles 78-72-72-74—296
Grier Jones 73-75-73-75—296
a-Steve Melnyk 73-76-71-77—297
Bob Rosburg 77-73-75-73—298
Al Geiberger 73-77-74-75—299
George Knudson 73-72-78-76—299
R.H. Sikes 70-75-77-78—300
Dean Refram 76-74-78-75—303

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