1950 U.S. Open Goes to Ben Hogan

The 1950 U.S. Open was the 50th time the tournament was played, and Ben Hogan won it in a playoff.

Winner: Ben Hogan, 287

Where it was played: Merion Golf Club in Ardmore, Pennsylvania

Tournament dates: June 8-11, 1950

Leader after first round: Lee Mackey, 64

Leader after second round: Dutch Harrison, 139

Leader after third round: Lloyd Mangrum, 211

Notable Notes: Ben Hogan cemented his comeback from life-threatening injuries sustained in a car accident a year earlier by winning an 18-hole playoff for this championship. Hogan tied after 72 holes with Lloyd Mangrum and Georgia Fazio. A rules violation helped Hogan in the playoff. He led Mangrum by one stroke on the 16th hole (Fazio had faded by that point) when Mangrum received a 2-stroke penalty for lifting his golf ball to remove an insect. Lifting on the green was against the rules in 1950. Hogan went on to win the playoff with a 69 to Mangrum's 73 and Fazio's 75.

Final Scores

Ben Hogan 72-69-72-74—287
Lloyd Mangrum 72-70-69-76—287
George Fazio 73-72-72-70—287
Dutch Harrison 72-67-73-76—288
Jim Ferrier 71-69-74-75—289
Joe Kirkwood Jr. 71-74-74-70—289
Henry Ransom 72-71-73-73—289
Bill Nary 73-70-74-73—290
Julius Boros 68-72-77-74—291
Cary Middlecoff 71-71-71-79—292
Johnny Palmer 73-70-70-79—292
Al Besselink 71-72-76-75—294
Johnny Bulla 74-66-78-76—294
Dick Mayer 73-76-73-72—294
Henry Picard 71-71-79-73—294
Skee Riegel 73-69-79-73—294
Sam Snead 73-75-72-74—294
Skip Alexander 68-74-77-76—295
Fred Haas 73-74-76-72—295
Jimmy Demaret 72-77-71-76—296
Marty Furgol 75-71-72-78—296
Dick Metz 76-71-71-78—296
Bob Toski 73-69-80-74—296
Harold Williams 69-75-75-77—296
Bobby Cruickshank 72-77-76-72—297
Ted Kroll 75-72-78-72—297
Lee Mackey Jr. 64-81-75-77—297
Paul Runyan 76-73-73-75—297
Pete Cooper 75-72-76-75—298
Henry Williams Jr. 69-76-76-77—298
John Barnum 71-75-78-75—299
Denny Shute 71-73-76-79—299
Buck White 77-71-77-74—299
Terl Johnson 72-77-74-77—300
Herschel Spears 75-72-75-78—300
Walter Burkemo 72-77-74-78—301
Dave Douglas 72-76-79-74—301
Claude Harmon 71-74-77-80—302
a-James McHale Jr. 75-73-80-74—302
Gene Sarazen 72-72-82-76—302
Jim Turnesa 74-71-78-79—302
Art Bell 72-77-78-76—303
Patrick Abbott 71-77-76-80—304
Joe Thacker 75-69-83-77—304
Johnny Morris 74-74-80-77—305
Loddie Kempa 71-74-78-83—306
a-Frank Stranahan 79-70-79-78—306
Gene Webb 75-74-82-75—306
a-P.J. Boatwright 75-74-79-79—307
George Bolesta 77-72-84-78—311
John O'Donnell 76-72-83-85—316

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