1967 Masters Tournament Winner and Scores

At the 31st edition of The Masters Tournament, Gay Brewer won by a stroke to make up for a near-miss at the title a year earlier.

Winner: Gay Brewer, 280

Where it was played: Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Georgia

Tournament dates: April 6-9, 1967

Leader after first round: Bert Yancey, 67

Leader after second round: Bert Yancey, 140

Leader after third round: Bert Yancey, Julius Boros, Bobby Nichols, 211

Notable Notes: Gay Brewer, who one year earlier lost in a 3-way playoff to Jack Nicklaus, this time won the Masters by a stroke. Brewer made three straight birdies in the middle of the back nine — holes 13-15 — in the final round to earn the win.

Nicklaus, the 2-time defending champion, missed the cut after a second-round 79. It was the first time in tournament history the defending champ missed the cut.

Final Scores

Gay Brewer 73-68-72-67—280
Bobby Nichols 72-69-70-70—281
Bert Yancey 67-73-71-73—284
Anold Palmer 73-73-70-69—285
Julius Boros 71-70-70-75—286
Paul Harney 73-71-74-69—287
Gary Player 75-69-72-71—287
Tommy Aaron 75-68-74-71—288
Lionel Hebert 77-71-67-73—288
Roberto De Vicenzo 73-72-74-71—290
Bruce Devlin 74-70-75-71—290
Ben Hogan 74-73-66-77—290
Mason Rudolph 72-76-72-70—290
Sam Snead 72-76-71-71—290
Jacky Cupit 73-76-67-75—291
George Archer 75-67-72-78—292
Wes Ellis 79-71-74-68—292
Tony Jacklin 71-70-74-77—292
Dave Marr 73-74-70-75—292
Doug Sanders 74-72-73-73—292
Jay Hebert 72-77-68-76—293
Bob Rosburg 73-72-76-72—293
Ken Venturi 76-73-71-73—293
Peter Butler 72-73-77-72—294
Billy Casper 70-74-75-75—294
Frank Beard 74-75-75-71—295
Tommy Bolt 72-77-72-74—295
Don January 74-74-76-71—295
Gene Littler 72-74-74-75—295
Chi Chi Rodriguez 73-73-73-76—295
Doug Ford 74-69-82-71—296
Rod Funseth 74-73-78-71—296
George Knudson 72-74-75-75—296
Kel Nagle 73-75-74-74—296
Ramon Sota 74-73-73-76—296
Gardner Dickinson 77-70-73-77—297
Terry Dill 73-76-72-76—297
Al Geiberger 77-73-72-75—297
a-Downing Gray 70-76-75-76—297
Harold Henning 74-73-77-73—297
Phil Rodgers 72-77-75-73—297
a-Deane Beman 74-76-74-74—298
Rives McBee 75-73-74-76—298
a-Don Allen 75-71-78-76—300
a-Bobby Cole 75-73-74-78—300
a-Ron Cerrudo 76-73-77-75—301
Chen Ching-Po 74-76-72-79—301
Dave Thomas 74-74-72-81—301
Bruce Crampton 77-73-75-77—302
Don Massengale 74-73-77-78—302
Art Wall Jr. 74-76-77-75—302
a-Bob Murphy 73-77-76-77—303
Jack Burke Jr. 76-74-74-81—305
a-Johnny Miller 72-78-81-74—305
a-Joe Carr 76-74-79-84—313

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