1958 Masters: Arnie's Army in Formation

The 22nd Masters played, this is the one in which the term "Amen Corner" was first used. And Arnold Palmer won it for the first time.

Winner: Arnold Palmer, 284

Where it was played: Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Georgia

Tournament dates: April 3-6, 1958

Leader after first round: Ken Venturi, 68

Leader after second round: Ken Venturi, 140

Leader after third round: Sam Snead and Arnold Palmer, 211

Notable Notes: Two firsts happened at the 1958 Masters: Arnold Palmer won his first, and "Amen Corner" was first used to describe holes 11-13 at Augusta National Golf Club.

"Amen Corner" was used by sportswriter Herbert Warren Wind after Palmer was first involved in a rules controversy, then eagled the 13th. The outcome of those events helped Palmer to the first of his four Masters titles.

The rules controversy involved an embedded ball on the 12th hole. Palmer thought he should get a free drop, the on-site official said no. Palmer double-bogied, but replayed the shots with a second ball (as if he had been given the free drop). With the second ball, he parred. Afterward, the committee said Palmer's par was the score that counted. Even decades later, Palmer's playing partner, Ken Venturi, was still disputing the chain of events.

Final Scores

Arnold Palmer 70-73-68-73—284
Doug Ford 74-71-70-70—285
Fred Hawkins 71-75-68-71—285
Stan Leonard 72-70-73-71—286
Ken Venturi 68-72-74-72—286
Cary Middlecoff 70-73-69-75—287
Art Wall Jr. 71-72-70-74—287
a-Billy Joe Patton 72-69-73-74—288
Claude Harmon 71-76-72-70—289
Jay Hebert 72-73-73-71—289
Billy Maxwell 71-70-72-76—289
Al Mengert 73-71-69-76—289
Sam Snead 72-71-68-79—290
Jimmy Demaret 69-79-70-73—291
Ben Hogan 72-77-69-73—291
Mike Souchak 72-75-73-71—291
Dow Finsterwald 72-71-74-75—292
Chick Harbert 69-74-73-76—292
Bo Wininger 69-73-71-79—292
Billy Casper 76-71-72-74—293
Byron Nelson 71-77-74-71—293
a-Phil Rodgers 77-72-73-72—294
a-Charlie Coe 73-76-69-77—295
Ted Kroll 73-75-75-72—295
Peter Thomson 72-74-73-76—295
Al Balding 75-72-71-78—296
Bruce Crampton 73-76-72-75—296
a-Bill Hyndman 71-76-70-79—296
George Bayer 74-75-72-76—297
a-Arnold Blum 72-74-75-76—297
a-Joe Campbell 73-75-74-75—297
Tommy Bolt 74-75-74-75—298
Lionel Hebert 71-77-75-75—298
Flory Van Donck 70-74-75-79—298
Marty Furgol 74-73-75-77—299
Dave Ragan 73-73-77-76—299
Paul Runyan 73-76-73-77—299
Jim Turnesa 72-76-76-75—299
Julius Boros 73-72-78-77—300
Jack Fleck 71-76-78-75—300
Torakichi Nakamura 76-73-76-76—301
Gene Littler 75-73-74-80—302
Norman Von Nida 69-80-79-80—308

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