1952 U.S. Open Golf Tournament Winner and Scores

The 1952 U.S. Open was the 52nd time the tournament was played. The champion came from four strokes behind Ben Hogan on the final day to won by four strokes.

Winner: Julius Boros, 281

Where it was played: Northwood Club in Dallas, Texas

Tournament dates: June 12-14, 1952

Leader after first round: Al Brosch, 68

Leader after second round: Ben Hogan, 138

Leader after third round: Julius Boros, 210

What Happened in the 1952 U.S. Open

Ben Hogan was going for three U.S. Open titles in a row at the 1952 U.S. Open, and through two rounds he appeared a good bet to accomplish that feat. Hogan opened with back-to-back 69s and held the halfway lead. But Hogan faded in the heat — temperatures neared 100F — on the final day of 36 holes, shooting 74 in the third round and another 74 in the final round. He slipped to third place, five strokes behind the winner. (At the time, the U.S. Open was played over three days, with 36 holes on the final day.)

And who was that winner? Julius Boros, who was great on the final day with a third-round 68 that gave him at two-stroke lead, then a final-round 71. Trailing Hogan by four strokes after two rounds, Boros pulled away from the field to beat runner-up Ed "Porky" Oliver by four and Hogan by five.

Boros was 32 years old in 1952, but the U.S. Open was his very first PGA Tour victory. He went on to be one of the great over-40 golfers in golf history, winning another 17 times including the 1963 U.S. Open at age 43 and the 1968 PGA Championship (also played in the Texas heat) at age 48.

Gene Sarazen, who won the U.S. Opens of 1922 and 1932, along with five other majors, made the cut in a U.S. Open for the final time here, tying for 33rd. Don January, who went on to win the 1967 PGA Championship, played in his first major championship here, missing the cut.

1952 U.S. Open Final Scores

Julius Boros 71-71-68-71—281
Ed Oliver 71-72-70-72—285
Ben Hogan 69-69-74-74—286
Johnny Bulla 73-68-73-73—287
George Fazio 71-69-75-75—290
Dick Metz 70-74-76-71—291
Tommy Bolt 72-76-71-73—292
Ted Kroll 71-75-76-70—292
Lew Worsham 72-71-74-75—292
Lloyd Mangrum 75-74-72-72—293
Sam Snead 70-75-76-72—293
Earl Stewart Jr. 76-75-70-72—293
Clarence Doser 71-73-73-77—294
Harry Todd 71-76-74-73—294
Al Brosch 68-79-77-71—295
Jimmy Demaret 74-77-73-71—295
Milon Marusic 73-76-74-72—295
Horton Smith 70-73-76-76—295
Doug Ford 74-74-74-74—296
a-James Jackson 74-76-75-71—296
Bill Trombley 72-73-81-70—296
Leland Gibson 73-76-72-76—297
Paul Runyan 73-78-73-73—297
Chick Harbert 75-75-73-75—298
Cary Middlecoff 75-74-75-74—298
Felice Torza 74-76-70-78—298
Bo Wininger 78-72-69-79—298
Zell Eaton 71-79-73-76—299
Raymond Gafford 77-74-75-73—299
Dick Mayer 74-77-69-79—299
a-Stan Mosel 71-77-75-76—299
Patrick Abbott 74-76-73-76—299
Dutch Harrison 71-79-77-73—300
Gene Sarazen 76-74-75-75—300
Charles Scally 72-73-77-79—301
Marty Furgol 75-74-75-80—304
Iverson Martin 76-74-77-77—304
a-Billy Joe Patton 76-73-80-75—304
Henry Williams Jr. 77-74-74-79—304
Johnny Revolta 74-75-78-78—305
Jack Burke Jr. 74-74-78-80—306
Chandler Harper 73-76-80-77—306
Johnny Weitzel 74-74-76-82—306
Gardner Dickinson 72-76-80-79—307
Charles Farlow 71-80-80-76—307
Herschel Spears 75-76-80-76—307
Art Wall 76-73-77-82—308
Steve Doctor 75-74-78-82—309
Max Evans 75-73-78-83—309
Fred Hawkins 75-76-74-84—309
Herman Coelho 76-73-77-89—315
Charles Bassler 71-79-86-84—320

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