1963 U.S. Open Winner and Scores

The 1963 U.S. Open was the 63rd time the tournament was played, and Julius Boros won his second championship in an 18-hole playoff.

Winner: Julius Boros, 293

Where it was played: The Country Club in Brookline, Massachussetts

Tournament dates: June 20-23, 1963

Leader after first round: Bob Gajda, 69

Leader after second round: Arnold Palmer, Jacky Cupit and Dow Finsterwald, 142

Leader after third round: Jacky Cupit, 218

Notable Notes: Scores were so high at this U.S. Open that Jacky Cupit shot 75 in the third round and moved into the lead. He had a 15-foot putt on the 72nd hole to win it, but lipped it out. So Cupit, along with Julius Boros and Arnold Palmer (who missed a 2-foot putt on the 71st hole) tied at 293, the highest winning score in the post-World War II U.S. Open era. In the 18-hole playoff, Boros won with a 70 to Cupit's 73 and Palmer's 76. Boros was 43, at the time the second-oldest winner of this championship.

Final Scores

Julius Boros 71-74-76-72—293
Jacky Cupit 70-72-76-75—293
Arnold Palmer 73-69-77-74—293
Paul Harney 78-70-73-73—294
Bruce Crampton T- 74-72-75-74—295
Tony Lema 71-74-74-76—295
Billy Maxwell 73-73-75-74—295
Walter Burkemo 72-71-76-77—296
Gary Player 74-75-75-72—296
Dan Sikes 77-73-73-74—297
Don January 72-74-78-75—299
Dow Finsterwald 73-69-79-79—300
David Ragan 78-74-74-74—300
Mike Fetchick 74-76-77-75—302
Lionel Hebert 71-79-76-76—302
Davis Love Jr. 71-74-78-79—302
Bobby Nichols 74-75-75-78—302
Dean Refram 72-71-80-79—302
Bob Charles 74-76-76-77—303
Ken Still 76-75-78-74—303
Jack Burke Sr. 75-76-78-75—304
Gardner Dickinson 76-71-78-79—304
Gene Littler 75-77-80-72—304
Dave Marr 75-74-77-78—304
Bob McCallister 75-77-76-76—304
Doug Sanders 77-74-75-78—304
Otto Greiner 74-75-76-80—305
Ted Makalena 75-77-76-77—305
Mason Rudolph 76-75-78-76—305
Bob Goetz 79-72-80-75—306
Bill Ogden 73-76-78-79—306
Al Balding 73-78-77-79—307
Tommy Jacobs 73-78-81-75—307
Bill Johnston 77-75-76-79—307
Sam Reynolds 79-72-79-77—307
Phil Rodgers 77-74-77-79—307
Mike Souchak 77-75-82-73—307
Ed Furgol 74-78-79-78—309
Jay Hebert 73-76-83-77—309
Frank Boynton 74-78-77-81—310
Art Wall 73-77-76-84—310
George Bayer 76-74-81-80—311
Sam Snead 74-75-79-83—311
Jimmy Clark 74-74-84-80—312
Stan Thirsk 73-77-79-83—312
Bob Gadja 69-80-84-80—313
Ross Coon 78-71-85-80—314
William Gabal 76-76-81-81—314
Paul Kelly 72-79-80-85—316
R.E. Barnes 77-74-91-78—320
Bob Harris 73-79-86-82—320

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