1890 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1890 British Open was the 30th time this major was played. For the first time, an amateur won this championship.

Winner: John Ball, 164

Where it was played: Prestwick Golf Club in Prestwick, South Ayrshire, Scotland

Tournament dates: Sept. 11, 1890

Leader after first round: Andrew Kirkaldy, 81

Notable Notes: John Ball wasn't just the first amateur golfer to win a British Open, he was also the first Englishman. All previous winners to this point had been Scotsmen. ... With this win, Ball also became the first golfer to win both the British Amateur Championship and the British Open in the same year. ... Ball trailed by one stroke entering the afternoon 18, but finished with a 5-4-5-4 stretch — a very good finish in these days — to claim the win.

Final Scores

a-John Ball 82-82—164
Willie Fernie 85-82—167
Archie Simpson 85-82—167
Andrew Kirkaldy 81-89—170
Willie Park Jr. 90-80—170
a-Horace Hutchinson 87-85—172
David Grant 86-87—173
Hugh Kirkaldy 82-91—173
William McEwan 87-87—174
David Brown 85-90—175
James Kay 86-91—177
a-John E. Laidlay 89-88—177
a-David Leitch 86-93—179
David Anderson Jr. 90-90—180
John Allan 93-88—181
Ben Campbell 93-88—181
a-David Anderson 91-91—182
David Ayton 97-85—182
Ben Sayers 90-93—183
Andrew Wright 92-92—184
George Fernie 92-94—186
R.B. Wilson 91-96—187
Bob Mearns 96-93—189
a-D.D. Robertson 94-95—189
a-Robert Adam 91-99—190
a-James Mair 98-96—194
James Cunningham 104-95—199
a-Charles Whigham 93-106—199
James McKay 104-96—200
a-D.H. Gillan 100-104—204
a-L. Robertson 108-104—212

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