1895 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1895 British Open was the 35th time this major was played. J.H. Taylor won his second consecutive Open title by recording the lowest score of the final round.

Winner: J.H. Taylor, 322

Where it was played: The Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland

Tournament dates: June 12-13, 1895

Leader after first round: Harry Vardon, 80

Leader after second round: Sandy Herd, 159

Leader after third round: Sandy Herd, 241

What Happened in the 1895 Open Championship

J.H. Taylor won the British Open five times. The 1895 Open Championship was the second of those five, and his second successive.

This was the first Open Championship at St. Andrews to be contested over two days and 72 holes; previous Opens at St. Andrews were one-day, 36-hole tournaments. And Taylor was the first Englishman to win an Open at St. Andrews — previous winners at the Old Course were all Scots.

Sandy Herd had a 5-stroke lead over Taylor at the end of Day 1 (36 holes). In the second round, Herd carded 77 and Taylor 78. Those were the first sub-80 rounds recorded in an Open at St. Andrews.

In the third round, Taylor shaved two strokes off Herd's lead, which left Taylor three behind starting the final round. But in strong wind and rain, Taylor shot another 78 in the final round, easily the best score of the final 18 (nobody else went lower than 82), to pass by Herd and claim the Claret Jug.

This was the second of four career runner-up finishes by Herd in the Open, the fourth not coming until 1920. But Herd was also a winner at the 1902 British Open.

Tom Morris Sr. — better known today as Old Tom Morris — finished last among golfers who completed all four rounds. Of course, Old Tom was 74 years old in 1895. He played in one more Open after this, but the 1895 Open stands as his final appearance in an Open played at St. Andrews.

1895 British Open Final Scores

J.H. Taylor 86-78-80-78—322
Sandy Herd 82-77-82-85—326
Andrew Kirkaldy 81-83-84-84—332
George Pulford 84-81-83-86—334
Archie Simpson 88-85-78-85—336
David Anderson Jr. 86-83-84-84—337
David Brown 81-89-83-84—337
Willie Fernie 86-79-86-86—337
Ben Sayers 84-87-85-82—338
Alfred Toogood 85-84-83-86—338
Harry Vardon 80-85-85-88—338
Tom Vardon 82-83-84-89—338
Laurie Auchterlonie 84-84-85-87—340
a-James Robb 89-88-81-82—340
Hugh Kirkaldy 87-87-83-84—341
a-Freddie Tait 87-86-82-86—341
a-John E. Laidlay 91-83-82-86—342
a-John Ball 85-85-88-86—344
Laurie Waters 86-83-85-90—344
David Herd 85-85-84-91—345
Albert Tingey 83-88-87-88—346
Jack White 88-86-85-87—346
James Kinnell 84-83-88-92—347
Jack Ross 87-84-89-88—348
James Kay 88-85-92-86—351
David McEwan 85-90-90-86—351
Willie Aveston 89-86-89-89—353
Alexander Ross 92-85-88-88—353
Walter Toogood 87-91-88-87—353
Willie Auchterlonie 91-84-90-89—354
Henry Turpie 90-85-84-95—354
Bob Mearns 88-88-85-94—355
a-Alexander Stuart 86-88-88-94—356
a-Charles Hutchings 90-89-92-88—359
Charles Smith 88-87-90-94—359
a-John Low 92-86-88-94—360
John Forrest 91-85-91-95—362
John Hunter 95-88-87-92—362
John Cuthbert 90-90-93-91—364
a-Samuel Mure Fergusson 97-89-90-88—364
Andrew Scott 94-84-93-93—364
John Duncan 94-89-92-91—366
William Anderson 91-90-95-95—371
J. Tabor 99-93-91-91—374
P.C. Livingston 97-86-95-97—375
Old Tom Morris 107-92-96-97—392

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