1895 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1895 British Open was the 35th time this major was played. The winner made it two in a row in the Open.

Winner: J.H. Taylor, 322

Where it was played: The Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland

Tournament dates: June 12-13, 1895

Leader after first round: Harry Vardon, 80

Leader after second round: Sandy Herd, 159

Leader after third round: Sandy Herd, 241

Notable Notes: Defending champion J.H. Taylor earned his second consecutive Open victory. ... Taylor trailed third-round leader Sandy Herd by three strokes as the final round began. That round was played in rain and wind, and Taylor's 78 was the best score of Round 4 while Herd struggled to an 85 and finished second.

Final Scores

J.H. Taylor 86-78-80-78—322
Sandy Herd 82-77-82-85—326
Andrew Kirkaldy 81-83-84-84—332
George Pulford 84-81-83-86—334
Archie Simpson 88-85-78-85—336
David Anderson Jr. 86-83-84-84—337
David Brown 81-89-83-84—337
Willie Fernie 86-79-86-86—337
Ben Sayers 84-87-85-82—338
Alfred Toogood 85-84-83-86—338
Harry Vardon 80-85-85-88—338
Tom Vardon 82-83-84-89—338
Laurie Auchterlonie 84-84-85-87—340
a-James Robb 89-88-81-82—340
Hugh Kirkaldy 87-87-83-84—341
a-Freddie Tait 87-86-82-86—341
a-John E. Laidlay 91-83-82-86—342
a-John Ball 85-85-88-86—344
Laurie Waters 86-83-85-90—344
David Herd 85-85-84-91—345
Albert Tingey 83-88-87-88—346
Jack White 88-86-85-87—346
James Kinnell 84-83-88-92—347
Jack Ross 87-84-89-88—348
James Kay 88-85-92-86—351
David McEwan 85-90-90-86—351
Willie Aveston 89-86-89-89—353
Alexander Ross 92-85-88-88—353
Walter Toogood 87-91-88-87—353
Willie Auchterlonie 91-84-90-89—354
Henry Turpie 90-85-84-95—354
Bob Mearns 88-88-85-94—355
a-Alexander Stuart 86-88-88-94—356
a-Charles Hutchings 90-89-92-88—359
Charles Smith 88-87-90-94—359
a-John Low 92-86-88-94—360
John Forrest 91-85-91-95—362
John Hunter 95-88-87-92—362
John Cuthbert 90-90-93-91—364
a-Samuel Mure Fergusson 97-89-90-88—364
Andrew Scott 94-84-93-93—364
John Duncan 94-89-92-91—366
William Anderson 91-90-95-95—371
J. Tabor 99-93-91-91—374
P.C. Livingston 97-86-95-97—375
Old Tom Morris 107-92-96-97—392

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