1878 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1878 British Open was the 18th time this major was played, and the champion earned his win with a spectacular finish.

Winner: Jamie Anderson, 157

Where it was played: Prestwick Golf Club in Prestwick, South Ayrshire, Scotland

Tournament dates: Oct. 4, 1878

Leader after first round: Jof Morris, 50

Leader after second round: J.O.F. Morris and Jamie Anderson, 106

Notable Notes: Jamie Anderson won his second straight Open title with the help of a hole-in-one on the second-to-last hole. ... On Prestwick's 12-hole links, Anderson's tee ball on the 11th hole hit the embankment behind the green, then rolled down it and into the cup. ... That happened two holes after Anderson holed-out with a full iron shot for a three on the ninth hole, making this surely one of the best finishes in major championship history for the winner.

Final Scores

Jamie Anderson53-53-51—157
Bob Kirk53-55-51—159
J.O.F. Morris50-56-55—161
a-John Ball53-57-55—165
Bob Martin57-53-55—165
William Cosgrove55-56-55—166
Willie Park Sr.53-56-57—166
Jamie Allan62-53-52—167
John Allan55-55-58—168
Tom Dunn54-60-54—168
Tom Morris Sr.55-53-63—171
Ben Sayers56-59-58—173
Peter Paxton58-59-58—175
George Strath63-61-52—176
Alex Patrick62-56-60—178
Jack Morris58-57-64—179
Mungo Park60-58-62—180
George Lowe57-61-63—181
Neil Boon63-54-66—183
a-William Hunter67-62-58—187
James Moore62-62-65—189
Bob Pringle62-65-65—192

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