1882 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1882 British Open was the 22nd time this major was played. The champion completed a streak of three consecutive years winning.

Winner: Bob Ferguson, 171

Where it was played: The Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland

Tournament dates: Sept. 30, 1882

Leader after first round: Bob Ferguson, 83

Notable Notes: Bob Ferguson made it three consecutive wins in the British Open, taking the title by three strokes. ... Ferguson also led by three following the first round, over the same golfer who finished runner-up: Willie Fernie. ... Jamie Anderson, who himself won three consecutive Opens from 1877-79, shared second place. ... Ferguson's streak ended at the 1883 British Open, where he lost in a playoff.

Final Scores

Bob Ferguson 83-88—171
Willie Fernie 88-86—174
Jamie Anderson 87-88—175
a-Fitz Boothby 86-89—175
Jack Kirkaldy 86-89—175
Bob Martin 89-86—175
David Ayton 90-88—178
a-James Mansfield 91-87—178
Willie Park Sr. 89-89—178
James Rennie 90-88—178
Tom Kidd 87-93—180
a-Henry Lamb 88-92—180
Andrew Alexander 93-88—181
George Lowe 95-86—181
Douglas Rolland 88-93—181
W. Honeyman 93-89—182
William Thomson 95-87—182
Tom Dunn 93-90—183
Willie Park Jr. 90-93—183
Ben Sayers 92-91—183
David Anderson Sr. 91-93—184
Peter Fernie 94-90—184
Jack Burns 97-92—189
George Forrester 94-95—189
Bob Pringle 92-97—189
David Simpson 98-91—189
Thomas Arundel 97-93—190
James Kirk 101-90—191
James Hunter 92-100—192
Robert Kinsman 99-93—192
Bob Kirk 103-90—193
a-Harry Everard 99-95—194
a-Robert Armit 97-98—195
Willie Dunn Jr. 98-99—197
James Fenton 98-99—195
a-W. Kirk 103-96—199
J. Reed 98-103—201
a-John Dunn 103-101—204
a-James Logan White 100-115—215

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