1874 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1874 British Open was the 14th time this major was played.

Winner: Mungo Park, 159

Where it was played: Musselburgh Links in Musselburgh, East Lothian, Scotland

Tournament dates: April 10, 1874

Leader after first round: Mungo Park, 75

Notable Notes: Mungo Park held a four-stroke lead following the morning 18, then held on to beat Young Tom Morris by two strokes for the title. Morris had his chances late, but missed a short putt on the next-to-last hole, then drove through the green on the final hole and dropped two more strokes. ... Park was the second member of his family to win; his brother, Willie Park Sr., had three Open victories already and would add a fourth. Willie Park Jr. later won two titles himself. ... Young Tom Morris was only 22, but this was final Open. He withdrew the following year after the death of his wife, then died later in 1875.

Final Scores

Mungo Park 75-84—159
Tom Morris Jr. 83-78—161
George Paxton 80-82—162
Bob Martin 85-79—164
Jamie Anderson 82-83—165
David Park 83-83—166
Willian Thomson 84-82—166
Bob Ferguson 83-84—167
Tom Kidd 84-83—167
John Ferguson 87-82—169
G. McCachnie 79-90—169
J.O.F. Morris 88-81—169
Willie Park Sr. 83-87—170
Tom Hood 83-88—171
Bob Pringle 85-86—171
a-Thomas Hunter 88-86—174
Thomas Brown 87-88—175
Tom Morris Sr. 90-86—176
Davie Strath 86-90—176
William Cosgrove 88-89—177
a-William Doleman 89-88—177
R. Cosgrove 92-86—178
Willie Dunn Sr. 87-91—178
J. Dow 88-94—182
James Fenton 90-92—182
Willie Brown 91-93—184
W. Hutchison 90-95—185
Charlie Hunter 93-94—187
Nicol Patrick 98-98—196
M. Clayton 99-101—200
A. Brown 96-106—202

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