1879 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1879 British Open was the 19th time this major was played. For the champion, it was his third successive win.

Winner: Jamie Anderson, 169

Where it was played: The Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland

Tournament dates: Sept. 27, 1879

Leader after first round: Jamie Anderson, 84

Notable Notes: Jamie Anderson made it three Open Championship wins in a row. He led by three strokes following the morning 18. ... He carded an 85 in the afternoon session, second-best round of the afternoon, and won by three.

Final Scores

Jamie Anderson 84-85—169
Andrew Kirkaldy 86-86—172
Jamie Allan 88-84—172
George Paxton 89-85—174
Tom Kidd 87-88—175
Bob Ferguson 89-87—176
David Anderson Sr. 94-94—178
James O. Morris 92-87—179
Tom Dunn 90-99—179
Walter Gourlay 92-87—179
a-A.W. Smith n/a—180
Willie Fernie 92-89—181
Jack Kirkaldy 92-89—181
James Rennie 93-88—181
T. Arundel 95-89—184
David Ayton 95-89—184
a-Henry Lamb 91-93—184
a-William Doleman 91-94—185
R. Kinsman 88-97—185
d Tom Morris 92-93—185
Bob Martin 93-93—186
Robert Tait n/a—186
Ben Sayers 92-95—187
Smith 94-95—189
David Corstorphine 93-96—189
Robert Dow 95-94—189
David Grant Sr. 95-94—189
Peter Paxton 99-90—189
a-Douglas Robertson 97-93—190
Robert Armit 95-96—191
George Strath 97-94—191
a-J.H. Blackwell 96-96—192
Tom Manzie 96-97—193
G.K. Honeyman 97-97—194
George Lowe 94-100—194
James Fenton 99-97—196
Bob Kirk 99-98—197
D. Lundie 98-99—197
a-Fitz Boothby 96-102—198
Thomson White 102-99—201
James Kirk 105-97—202
a-W.H. Goff 105-99—204

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