1900 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1900 British Open was the 40th time this major was played, and J.H. Taylor got the 1900s off to a big start.

Winner: J.H. Taylor, 309

Where it was played: The Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland

Tournament dates: June 6-7, 1900

Leader after first round: J.H. Taylor, Harry Vardon and Tom Vardon, 77

Leader after second round: J.H. Taylor, 156

Leader after third round: J.H. Taylor, 234

Notable Notes: J.H. Taylor led wire-to-wire to win the first Open Championship of the 1900s. His lead was four following the second round, then Taylor was the only golfer in the third round to break 80. He opened the final round leading by six and finished it winning by eight. ... The three members of the "Great Triumvirate" — Taylor, Vardon and James Braid — finished 1-2-3, but Braid was 13 strokes off Taylor's winning score. ... This was the third of Taylor's five total wins in the Open.

Final Scores

J.H. Taylor 79-77-78-75—309
Harry Vardon 79-81-80-77—317
James Braid 82-81-80-79—322
Jack White 80-81-82-80—323
Willie Auchterlonie 81-85-80-80—326
Willie Park Jr. 80-83-81-84—328
a-Robert Maxwell 81-81-86-81—329
Archie Simpson 82-85-83-79—329
Ben Sayers 81-83-85-81—330
Sandy Herd 81-85-81-84—331
Andrew Kirkaldy 87-83-82-79—331
Tom Vardon 79-87-84-81—331
Ted Ray 88-80-85-81—334
David Anderson Jr. 81-87-85-84—337
Tom Simpson 84-86-83-84—337
a-William Greig 93-84-80-81—338
a-Harold Hilton 83-87-87-81—338
John W. Taylor 91-81-84-83—339
Jack Kirkaldy 86-85-87-82—340
Peter Paxton 87-87-79-87—340
Peter McEwan 85-80-89-87—341
Phillip Gaudin 85-88-81-88—342
James Kay 84-81-87-90—342
a-Fred Mackenzie 88-82-89-83—342
Andrew Scott 84-84-84-90—342
George Coburn 83-88-83-89—343
a-William Fowler 86-85-88-84—343
a-John E. Laidlay 85-87-85-86—343
John Williamson 87-82-88-89—346
a-Ernley Blackwell 88-86-86-89—349
Charles Ralph Smith 83-87-88-91—349
Frederick Butel 88-85-89-88—350
James Hepburn 89-86-87-89—351
a-Samuel Mure Fergusson 88-86-90-87—351
a-D. Stanley Froy 91-84-93-86—354
Fred Hocking 85-88-90-92—355
Thomas Yeoman 86-85-92-95—358

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