1899 British Open Winner and Scores

Harry Vardon won again at the 1899 British Open, which was the 39th time this major was played.

Winner: Harry Vardon, 310

Where it was played: Royal St. George's Golf Club in Sandwich, England

Tournament dates: June 7-8, 1899

Leader after first round: James Kinnell, Harry Vardon and Tom Williamson, 76

Leader after second round: Harry Vardon, 152

Leader after third round: Harry Vardon, 233

Notable Notes: Harry Vardon made it back-to-back wins in the Open, and held or shared the lead following each round. ... Vardon's lead at the midway point (at the end of Day 1, since it was 36 holes per day) was only one stroke over J.H. Taylor. But as a sign of how tough the Day 2 scoring conditions were, Vardon's third-round 81 actually extended his lead. ... It was Vardon's third Open Championship victory.

Final Scores

Harry Vardon 76-76-81-77—310
Jack White 79-79-82-75—315
Andrew Kirkaldy 81-79-82-77—319
J.H. Taylor 77-76-83-84—320
James Braid 78-78-85-81—322
Willie Fernie 79-83-82-78—322
James Kinnell 76-84-80-84—324
a-Freddie Tait 81-82-79-82—324
Albert Tingey 81-81-79-85—326
Tom Williamson 76-84-80-86—326
Ben Sayers 81-79-82-86—328
a-Harold Hilton 86-80-80-83—329
Thomas Renouf 79-82-84-84—329
Willie Park Jr. 77-79-85-89—330
Willie Aveston 77-86-82-86—331
Sandy Herd 82-81-80-89—332
Percy Rainford 79-83-83-87—332
Ted Ray 84-80-84-84—332
Archie Simpson 84-84-81-83—332
Walter Toogood 82-86-81-84—333
a-C.E. Hambro 78-86-88-82—334
Tom Hutchison 82-87-82-85—336
Alfred Toogood 83-85-85-84—337
William McEwan 84-86-83-85—338
a-John Ball 81-82-90-86—339
Andrew Scott 86-85-87-81—339
John W. Taylor 82-85-86-86—339
David Herd 80-88-83-89—340
James Kay 85-81-86-89—341
Joseph Dalgeish 87-87-81-87—342
Jack Rowe 87-80-89-87—343
a-John E. Laidlay 83-88-91-82—344
Alfred Vardon 87-88-88-85—348
Henry Harris 86-88-82-94—350
C. Ralph Smith 84-91-85-90—350

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