1873 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1873 British Open was the 13th time this major was played, but the first time it was played at The Old Course.

Winner: Tom Kidd, 179

Where it was played: The Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland

Tournament dates: Oct. 4, 1873

Leader after first round: Jamie Anderson, 91

Notable Notes: This was the first British Open not played at Prestwick, and, therefore, also the first that was played at St. Andrews. ... The very high scores were due to terrible weather that preceded the event, leaving standing water all over the course. (No "casual water" rule at the time — golfers played it out or took a penalty stroke to move the ball.) ... Champion Tom Kidd was the first golfer to receive the Claret Jug trophy. He was also the first golfer to win the Open or a pro tournament using irons that had grooves. Kidd scratched grooves into the faces of his irons just prior to the tournament's start.

Final Scores

Tom Kidd 91-88—179
Jamie Anderson 91-89—180
Bob Kirk 91-92—183
Young Tom Morris 94-89—183
Davie Strath 97-90—187
Walter Gourlay 92-96—188
Old Tom Morris 93-96—189
a-Henry Lamb 96-96—192
Willie Fernie 101-93—194
Bob Martin 97-97—194
a-Robert Armit 99-96—195
James Fenton 94-101—195
James O. Morris 96-99—195
a-Samuel M. Fergusson 98-101—199
Tom Manzie 96-104—200
Jack Morris 106-100—206
David Ayton 111-96—207
William Thomson 98-109—207
John Chisholm 103-105—208
Bob Pringle 109-102—211
D. Brand 110-103—213

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