The 'Seve' Golf Bet

Do you know how to play Seve's with your golf buddies? The Seve golf bet is named (obviously) after Seve Ballesteros, whose scrambling ability was legendary.

There are three ways to play the Seve bet, and we list them here in order of frequency. Clearly, the first thing any golfer needs to know when asked if he wants to play Seve's is which of these three definitions the group is using:

  1. The most common Seve bet is one that pays out to any golfer who makes par on a hole without ever being in the fairway. (This definition is basically the same as playing "Arnies.")
  2. Next up is the version of the Seve bet that pays out to a golfer who makes a par after hitting a tree anywhere on the hole. (This is more commonly called Barkies or Woodies.)
  3. And finally, there is the version of Seve's that pays out to any golfer who makes par after hitting into the wrong fairway.

Feel free to play all three versions of the Seve bet at the same time. Make Seve's worth a set dollar amount or give them a point value. Note that if you play Seve's by themselves (not in combination with any other bets), your group will have very few bets — possibly none — to pay out at the end of the round. That's why Seve's are usually played in combination with several other, similar betting games.

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