2007 Solheim Cup Results

This was the 10th time the Solheim Cup was played. After the American victory, the overall standings in the event's history was USA 7, Europe 3.

Final Score: USA 16, Europe 12

Dates Played: September 14-16, 2007

Location: Halmstad Golf Club in Halmstad, Sweden

Team Captains: Betsy King (USA) and Helen Alfredsson (EUR)

Team Rosters: Europe — Gwladys Nocera, Trish Johnson, Bettina Hauert, Laura Davies, Becky Brewerton, Annika Sorenstam, Suzann Pettersen, Catriona Matthew, Sophie Gustafson, Maria Hjorth, Iben Tinning, Linda Wessberg. USA — Paula Creamer, Cristie Kerr, Morgan Pressel, Juli Inkster, Stacy Prammanasudh, Pat Hurst, Natalie Gulbis, Brittany Lincicome, Angela Stanford, Sherri Steinhauer, Nicole Castrale, Laura Diaz.

Match Notes: Team USA pulled out a closely contested victory over Team Europe at the 2007 Solheim Cup by relying on the singles dominance it had shown in several previous Solheim Cups, too. After two days of pairs match play, Europe held a slim lead of 8.5 to 7.5 points. But in the 12 singles matches on Day 3, the USA earned 8.5 of the 12 points at stake.

The singles session started OK for Europe, with Catriona Matthew earning a point in the lead-off match. But Team USA did not give away points in any of the next six matches. That stretch included a 2-and-1 victory by Solheim Cup rookie Morgan Pressel over Annika Sorenstam.

Sorenstam went 2-2-1 in what turned out to be her final Solheim Cup appearance as a player. Matthew led the Europeans with a 3-1-0 record, while Paula Creamer topped the American side with 3.5 points earned.

2007 Solheim Cup Match Scores

Day One Results


  • Pat Hurst/Cristie Kerr (USA) halved with Suzann Pettersen/Sophie Gustafson (EUR)
  • Sherri Steinhauer/Laura Diaz (USA) defeated Annika Sorenstam/Catriona Matthew (EUR), 4&2
  • Juli Inkster/Paula Creamer (USA) defeated Laura Davies/Becky Brewerton (EUR), 2&1
  • Gwladys Nocera/Maria Hjorth (EUR) defeated Natalie Gulbis/Morgan Pressel (USA), 3&2

Score of first session: USA 2.5, Europe 1.5


  • Catriona Matthew/Iben Tinning (EUR) defeated Pat Hurst/Brittany Lincicome (USA), 4&2
  • Angela Stanford/Stacy Prammanasudh (USA) halved with Annika Sorenstam/Maria Hjorth (EUR)
  • Nicole Castrale/Cristie Kerr (USA) defeated Sophie Gustafson/Gwladys Nocera (EUR), 3&2
  • Paula Creamer/Morgan Pressel (USA) halved with Trish Johnson/Laura Davies (EUR)

Score of second session: Europe 2, USA 2
Overall score after Day 1: USA 4.5, Europe 3.5

Day Two Results


  • Sherri Steinhauer/Laura Diaz (USA) halved with Maria Hjorth/Gwladys Nocera (EUR)
  • Paula Creamer/Juli Inkster (USA) halved with Sophie Gustafson/Suzann Pettersen (EUR)
  • Pat Hurst/Angela Stanford (USA) defeated Iben Tinning/Bettina Hauert (EUR), 4&2
  • Catriona Matthew/Annika Sorenstam (EUR) defeated Nicole Castrale/Cristie Kerr (USA), 1 UP

Score of first session: USA 2, Europe 2


  • Paula Creamer/Brittany Lincicome (USA) halved with Linda Wessberg/Maria Hjorth (EUR)
  • Stacy Prammanasudh/Juli Inkster (USA) halved with Trish Johnson/Iben Tinning (EUR)
  • Becky Brewerton/Laura Davies (EUR) defeated Natalie Gulbis/Nicole Castrale (USA), 2 UP
  • Annika Sorenstam/Suzann Pettersen (EUR) defeated Cristie Kerr/Morgan Pressel (USA), 3&2

Score of second session: Europe 3, USA 1
Overall score after Day 2: Europe 8.5, USA 7.5

Day Three Results


  • Catriona Matthew (EUR) defeated Laura Diaz (USA), 3&2
  • Pat Hurst (USA) defeated Sophie Gustafson (EUR), 2&1
  • Stacy Prammanasudh (USA) defeated Suzann Pettersen (EUR), 2 UP
  • Juli Inkster (USA) defeated Iben Tinning (EUR), 4&3
  • Sherri Steinhauer (USA) halved with Becky Brewerton (EUR)
  • Angela Stanford (USA) defeated Trish Johnson (EUR), 3&2
  • Morgan Pressel (USA) defeated Annika Sorenstam (EUR), 2&1
  • Laura Davies (EUR) defeated Brittany Lincicome (USA), 4&3
  • Nicole Castrale (USA) defeated Bettina Hauert (EUR), 3&2
  • Paula Creamer (USA) defeated Maria Hjorth (EUR), 2&1
  • Linda Wessberg (EUR) defeated Cristie Kerr (USA), 1 UP
  • Natalie Gulbis (USA) defeated Gwladys Nocera (EUR), 4&3

Score of singles session: USA 8.5, Europe 3.5
Overall and final score: USA 16, Europe 12

Player Records in the 2007 Solheim Cup

Players' records are listed as wins-losses-halves.

Team USA
Nicole Castrale, 2-2-0
Paula Creamer, 2-0-3
Laura Diaz, 1-1-1
Natalie Gulbis, 1-2-0
Pat Hurst, 2-1-1
Juli Inkster, 2-0-2
Cristie Kerr, 1-3-1
Brittany Lincicome, 0-2-1
Stacy Prammanasudh, 1-0-2
Morgan Pressel, 1-2-1
Angela Stanford, 2-0-1
Sherri Steinhauer, 1-0-2

Team Europe
Becky Brewerton, 1-1-1
Laura Davies, 2-1-1
Sophie Gustafson, 0-2-2
Bettina Hauert, 0-2-0
Maria Hjorth, 1-1-3
Trish Johnson, 0-1-2
Catriona Matthew, 3-1-0
Gwladys Nocera, 1-2-1
Suzann Pettersen, 1-1-2
Annika Sorenstam, 2-2-1
Iben Tinning, 1-2-1
Linda Wessberg, 1-0-1

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