1888 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1888 British Open was the 28th time this major was played. A double-check of scorecard math played a pivotal role.

Winner: Jack Burns, 171

Where it was played: The Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland

Tournament dates: Oct. 6, 1888

Leader after first round: Willie Campbell, 84

Notable Notes: Jack Burns trailed by two strokes following the morning 18, but his afternoon score of 85 was good enough. ... First-round leader Willie Campbell soared to a 90 in Round 2. ... Burns won when a Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews member noticed that Burns' 36-hole stroke total had been incorrectly added. He turned in a score of 172, which would have tied him with Ben Sayers and David Anderson Jr. However, when Burns' addition was checked, it turned out that Burns was in at 171, giving him the 1-stroke victory.

Final Scores

Jack Burns 86-85—171
Ben Sayers 85-87—172
David Anderson Jr. 86-86—172
Willie Campbell 84-90—174
a-Leslie Balfour Melville 86-89—175
Davie Grant 88-88—176
Andrew Kirkaldy 87-89—176
Sandy Herd 93-84—177
David Ayton 87-91—178
a-John E. Laidlay 93-87—180
a-Harry Everard 93-89—182
Hugh Kirkaldy 98-84—182
Willie Park Jr. 90-92—182
Willie Fernie 91-92—183
Laurie Auchterlonie 91-93—184
Bob Martin 86-98—184
Archie Simpson 91-93—184
Jamie Allan 95-90—185
Willie Auchterlonie 92-93—185
Jack Kirkaldy 92-93—185
a-Allan Macfie 94-91—185
Bob Tait 95-90—185
a-William Greig 94-92—186
James O. Morris 96-90—186
a-N. Playfair 94-93—187
a-David Leitch 93-96—189
Willie Anderson 98-92—190
Old Tom Morris 94-96—190
D.G. Rose 101-89—190
Bob Simpson 90-101—191
a-Leslie Smith 95-97—192
David Anderson 97-98—195
Jamie Anderson 96-99—195
George Mason 100-95—195
David Simpson 99-96—195
A. Burns 99-97—196

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