1896 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1896 British Open was the 36th time this major was played, and the winningest Open golfer ever earned his first title here.

Winner: Harry Vardon, 316 (won playoff)

Where it was played: The Muirfield links at Gullane, East Lothian, Scotland

Tournament dates: June 10-11 and June 13, 1896

Leader after first round: Sandy Herd, 72

Leader after second round: J.H. Taylor, 155

Leader after third round: Sandy Herd, 235

Notable Notes: Harry Vardon eventually won six Open Championships, but the 1896 British Open was his first victory. ... J.H. Taylor, trying for his third win in a row, and Sandy Herd traded the lead the first three days. Vardon began the final round four behind Herd, three behind Taylor. ... Taylor shot 80 in the final round to take the clubhouse lead. Vardon made five on the last hole for a 77 to tie Taylor. ... They played off two days later and Vardon won 157 (78-79) to 161 (80-81). ... This was the last British Open played by Old Tom Morris.

Final Scores

p-Harry Vardon 83-78-78-77—316
J.H. Taylor 77-78-81-80—316
Willie Fernie 78-79-82-80—319
a-Freddie Tait 83-75-84-77—319
Sandy Herd 72-84-79-85—320
James Braid 83-81-79-80—323
Davie Brown 80-77-81-86—324
Ben Sayers 83-76-79-86—324
Andrew Scott 83-84-77-80—324
Tom Vardon 83-82-77-83—325
Peter McEwan 83-81-80-84—328
Willie Auchterlonie 80-86-81-82—329
Archie Simpson 85-79-78-87—329
James Kay 77-88-83-82—330
Andrew Kirkaldy 84-85-79-82—330
Willie Park Jr. 79-80-83-88—330
Alfred Toogood 81-85-84-84—334
John Hunter 85-79-83-88—335
a-John E. Laidlay 85-82-82-86—335
David McEwan 83-89-81-82—335
Jack Ross 83-87-84-81—335
Walter Toogood 87-84-80-85—336
a-Harold Hilton 82-85-85-85—337
David Anderson Jr. 86-89-83-81—339
a-D.M. Jackson 85-84-82-88—339
Walter Kirk 85-87-84-83—339
David Herd 85-87-86-82—340
Albert Tingey 84-84-88-86—342
John W. Taylor 87-83-84-90—344
Peter Paxton 84-89-86-86—345
Jack Rowe 89-85-87-86—347
a-Samuel Mure Fergusson 85-93-84-86—348
Peter Fernie 86-87-92-84—349
Rowland Jones 88-85-89-87—349
George Lowe 91-85-88-88—352
Andrew Simpson 86-92-88-88—354
Henry Turpie 85-90-88-95—358
a-Thomas Gray 82-88-97-92—359
Christopher Calloway 93-92-87-88—360
Peter Rainford 87-87-93-95—362
Mungo Park Jr. 90-87-92-94—363
a-David Anderson 90-93-93-89—365
Bernard Nicholls 90-102-87-88—367
a-Oliver Thomson 86-93-94-94—367
William Day 97-94-89-94—374

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