1894 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1894 British Open was the 34th time this major was played but the first time it was ever played outside of Scotland.

Winner: J.H. Taylor, 326

Where it was played: Royal St. George's Golf Club in Sandwich, England

Tournament dates: June 11-12, 1894

Leader after first round: Sandy Herd, 83

Leader after second round: J.H. Taylor, 164

Leader after third round: J.H. Taylor, 245

Notable Notes: J.H. Taylor won the first of his five Open Championships here. It was also the first won by any of the "Great Triumvirate": Taylor, Harry Vardon and James Braid, who among them won 16 Opens. ... As the first British Open played outside Scotland, it also marked the debut of Royal St. George's in the Open rota. ... Taylor was the first non-Scottish pro golfer to win the Open (John Ball, an English amateur, had previously won.)

Final Scores

J.H. Taylor 84-80-81-81—326
Douglas Rolland 86-79-84-82—331
Andrew Kirkaldy 86-79-83-84—332
Alfred Toogood 84-85-82-82—333
Willie Fernie 84-84-86-80—334
Ben Sayers 85-81-84-84—334
Harry Vardon 86-86-82-80—334
Sandy Herd 83-85-82-88—338
a-Freddie Tait 90-83-83-84—340
a-A.D. Blyth 91-84-84-82—341
James Braid 91-84-82-84—341
Willie Park Jr. 88-86-82-87—343
a-John Ball 84-89-87-84—344
David Brown 93-83-81-87—344
Hugh Kirkaldy 90-85-80-89—344
Archie Simpson 90-86-86-82—344
Joseph Lloyd 95-81-86-83—345
a-Samuel Mure Fergusson 87-88-84-87—346
Tom Vardon 87-88-82-91—348
a-C.E. Dick 85-89-89-90—353
David Grant 91-84-87-91—353
David Herd 92-93-84-84—353
Willie Auchterlonie 96-81-93-85—355
a-C.E. Hambro 96-90-82-87—355
Jack Rowe 90-90-84-91—355
a-Stuart Anderson 90-87-91-88—356
a-Charles Hutchings 93-85-88-90—356
Charles Gibson 92-94-87-84—357
Rowland Jones 89-88-93-88—358
Alexander Lumsden 90-93-87-89—359
David McEwan 86-92-91-92—361
Albert Tingey 90-91-90-90—361
Willie Aveston 98-88-89-88—363
a-F.S. Ireland 99-87-92-86—364
a-Alexander Stuart 88-95-96-86—365
George Pearson 94-96-88-88—366
William Tucker 92-94-91-89—366
Joseph Longhurst 91-93-92-91—367
Jack Simpson 94-89-94-90—367
Thomas Butel 91-94-92-91—368
James Kay 98-89-90-91—368
C. Ralph Smith 98-89-89-93—369
a-John Low 93-98-89-91—371
John Cuthbert 97-96-88-92—373
Jack Burns 93-97-90-95—375
L.G. Ross 92-98-90-96—376
a-Bruce Goff 98-92-88-99—377
John Milne 98-98-91-90—377
R.W. Kirk 98-97-94-93—382
a-Ernest Lehmann 91-98-94-99—382
J. Boyd 103-96-95-90—384
C. Thom 97-102-99-90—388

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