1876 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1876 British Open was the 16th time this major was played. The champion won it when his playoff opponent failed to show up.

Winner: Bob Martin, 176

Where it was played: The Old Course at St. Andrews

Tournament dates: Sept. 30 and Oct. 2, 1876

Leader after first round: Davie Strath and Bob Martin, 86

Notable Notes: Bob Martin and Davie Strath finished the scheduled 36 holes tied at 176. A playoff was scheduled, but Strath refused to play in it. So Martin showed up several days later and walked the course, claiming the playoff win and the Open victory.

Strath's objection? In the final round — which was played while R&A members were also playing the golf course — Strath's ball hit a golfer on the 17th green and ricocheted, coming to rest near the hole. Responding to a complaint about the incident, the R&A said it would issue a ruling, but only after the playoff.

That made no sense to Strath since, obviously, if the ruling went against him there would be no need for a playoff. So he protested by refusing to participate in the playoff.

Final Scores

Bob Martin 86-90—176
Davie Strath 86-90—176
Willie Park Sr. 94-89—183
Old Tom Morris 90-95—185
Mungo Park 95-90—185
W. Thompson 90-95—185
a-Henry Lamb 94-92—186
Walter Gourlay 98-89—187
Bob Kirk 95-92—187
George Paxton 95-92—187
Robert Kinsman 88-100—188
Jamie Anderson 96-93—189
a-David Lamb 95-94—189
David Anderson Sr. 93-97—190
John Thompson 89-101—190
James Fenton 91-100—191

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