1901 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1901 British Open was the 41st time this major was played, and the site of the first win for an eventual five-time champion.

Winner: James Braid, 309

Where it was played: Muirfield at Gullane, East Lothian, Scotland

Tournament dates: June 5-6, 1901

Leader after first round: Harry Vardon, 77

Leader after second round: Harry Vardon and James Braid, 155

Leader after third round: James Braid, 229

Notable Notes: James Braid's 74 in the third round opened up a five-stroke gap between himself and second-place Harry Vardon. So when Braid shot 80 in the final round, he still wound up with a three-stroke win over Vardon. ... J.H. Taylor placed third, making this a 1-2-3 finish for the golfers we remember today as "The Great Triumvirate." ... Vardon and Taylor had won six of the previous seven Opens, but this was the first win (of an eventual five) for Braid.

Final Scores

James Braid 79-76-74-80—309
Harry Vardon 77-78-79-78—312
J.H. Taylor 79-83-74-77—313
a-Harold Hilton 89-80-75-76—320
Sandy Herd 87-81-81-76—325
Jack White 82-82-80-82—326
James Kinnell 79-85-86-78—328
a-John E. Laidlay 84-82-82-80—328
Phillip Gaudin 86-81-86-76—329
a-John Graham Jr. 82-83-81-83—329
Rowland Jones 85-82-81-83—331
Ted Ray 87-84-74-87—332
Thomas Renouf 83-86-81-82—332
Tom Yeoman 85-83-82-82—332
Fred Collins 89-80-81-84—334
a-Samuel Mure Fergusson 84-86-82-82—334
John H. Oke 91-83-80-80—334
Andrew Kirkaldy 82-87-86-81—336
Alfred Lewis 85-82-83-86—336
Willie Park Jr. 78-87-81-90—336
Andrew Scott 85-90-81-80—336
Charles Neaves 84-87-81-85—337
Laurie Waters 86-87-86-78—337
a-Charles Dalziel 82-84-89-83—338
David Herd 90-80-82-87—339
James Hutchison 84-83-91-81—339
Jack Ross 84-85-86-84—339
Walter Toogood 87-86-85-82—340
Willie Auchterlonie 86-82-88-86—342
David McEwan 86-84-86-86—342
James Kay 89-84-86-86—345
George Sargent 81-90-86-89—346
W.C. Gaudin 92-83-87-88—350
Alex Marr 87-87-93-91—358

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