1913 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1913 British Open was the 53rd time this major was played, and a four-time champion won his fifth title.

Winner: J.H. Taylor, 304

Where it was played: Royal Liverpool Golf Club in Hoylake, England

Tournament dates: June 23-24, 1913

Leader after first round: Ted Ray, J.H. Taylor and Sandy Herd, 73

Leader after second round: Ted Ray, 147

Leader after third round: J.H. Taylor, 225

Notable Notes: J.H. Taylor won his fifth and final Open Championship title. ... After trailing defending champion Ted Ray by one stroke at the halfway mark, Taylor opened a three-stroke lead following the third round. ... In the final round, Taylor shot 79, yet increased his winning margin to eight because Ray carded an 84. ... Playing in heavy winds on the final day, Taylor was one of very few golfers to break 80 in both the third and fourth rounds.

Final Scores

J.H. Taylor 73-75-77-79—304
Ted Ray 73-74-81-84—312
Michael Moran 76-74-89-74—313
Harry Vardon 79-75-79-80—313
Johnny McDermott 75-80-77-83—315
Thomas Renouf 75-78-84-78—315
James Bradbeer 78-79-81-79—317
Arnaud Massy 77-80-81-79—317
James Sherlock 77-86-79-75—317
Tom Williamson 77-80-80-80—317
Fred Collins 77-85-79-77—318
a-John Graham Jr. 77-79-81-81—318
Sandy Herd 73-81-84-80—318
a-E.A. Lassen 79-78-80-82—319
Charles Roberts 78-79-84-78—319
Joshua Taylor 80-75-85-79—319
Philip Taylor 78-81-83-78—320
James Braid 80-79-82-80—321
Claude Gray 80-81-79-81—321
Ernest C. Jones 75-85-81-80—321
Hugh McNeill 80-81-81-79—321
Jean Gassiat 80-78-86-78—322
Cyril Hughes 76-78-83-85—322
Louis Tellier 77-80-85-80—322
Tom MacNamara 80-78-85-80—323
Wilfred Reid 78-82-85-79—324
Arthur Catlin 77-81-81-86—325
Charles Mayo 83-82-78-82—325
Tom Simpson 79-83-85-78—325
Laurie Ayton Sr. 78-83-86-80—327
Tom Ball 82-83-86-76—327
George Buckle 81-80-87-79—327
Jack B. Ross 75-89-84-79—327
a-F.B. Crowther 80-81-86-81—328
Jack Rowe 78-82-86-82—328
Reginald Wilson 80-83-88-77—328
A. James 78-81-85-86—330
A.J. Howlett 75-84-85-87—331
John D. Edgar 81-91-80-80—332
Harry Simpson 80-83-88-81—332
a-Edward Blackwell 78-79-87-89—333
Sidney Ball 81-82-87-85—335
Fred Leach 80-84-88-83—335
Tom Watt 86-82-84-83—335
Percy Hills 79-79-90-89—337
James Edmondson 83-85-84-88—340
Alfred Bonner 87-84-90-80—341
Charles Corlett 78-89-87-87—341
C. Ralph Smith 82-82-93-84—341
George Cawkwell 81-85-92-84—342
Archie Earl 81-85-86-91—343
Tom Fernie 88-86-86-85—345

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