1913 U.S. Open: Ouimet's Shock Victory

The 1913 U.S. Open was the 19th time the tournament was played, and a young American amateur defeated two British legends in a playoff.

Winner: Francis Ouimet, 304

Where it was played: The Country Club in Brookline, Massachussetts

Tournament dates: September 18-20, 1913

Leader after first round: Macdonald Smith and Alex Ross, 71

Leader after second round: Harry Vardon, 147

Leader after third round: Francis Ouimet, Harry Vardon and Ted Ray, 225

Notable Notes: British legends Harry Vardon and Ted Ray were on an exhibition tour of the United States, and were such big stars the USGA delayed the U.S. Open until September just so they could make it to the tournament. But little-known amateur Francis Ouimet, who grew up across the street from the golf club, instead won in a playoff over Vardon and Ray. Ouimet's victory had a huge impact on golf in the USA, helping spread the game out of the circle of wealthy and to the masses. This tournament is subject of a Mark Frost book, The Greatest Game Ever Played, and also a Hollywood motion picture of the same name.

Final Scores

a-Francis Ouimet 77-74-74-79—304
Harry Vardon 75-72-78-79—304
Ted Ray 79-70-76-79—304
Jim Barnes 74-76-78-79—307
Walter Hagen 73-78-76-80—307
Macdonald Smith 71-79-80-77—307
Louis Tellier 76-76-79-76—307
John McDermott 74-79-77-78—308
Herbert Strong 75-74-82-79—310
Pat Doyle 78-80-73-80—311
a-W.C. Fownes Jr. 79-75-78-80—312
Elmer Loving 76-80-75-81—312
Alex Campbell 77-80-76-80—313
Mike Brady 83-74-78-80—315
Matt Campbell 83-80-77-76—316
a-Fred Herreshoff 75-78-83-82—318
Jock Hutchison 77-76-80-85—318
Tom McNamara 73-86-75-84—318
Wilfred Reid 75-72-85-86—318
Alex Smith 82-75-82-79—318
a-Robert Andrews 83-73-83-80—319
Jack Croke 72-83-83-81—319
Charles Murray 80-80-80-79—319
Peter Robertson 79-80-78-82—319
George Sargent 75-76-79-89—319
Charles Thom 76-76-84-85—321
Jack Dowling 77-77-82-85—321
Bob Macdonald 80-79-84-79—322
a-Jerome Travers 78-78-81-85—322
Frank Belwood 79-83-80-81—323
James Donaldson 79-76-85-83—323
J.H. Taylor 81-80-78-84—323
Jack Hobens 78-79-84-83—324
Albert Murray 76-82-81-85—324
David Ogilvie 81-77-82-84—324
Herbert Barker 80-79-85-82—326
Alex Ross 71-80-93-82—326
Tom Anderson Jr. 82-83-82-80—327
Fred McLeod 80-85-82-80—327
Tom Vardon 85-78-79-85—327
John Shippen 81-73-87-87—328
James Thomson 80-80-84-84—328
Willie Maguire 85-80-82-82—329
Walter Fovargue 79-83-81-87—330
Karl Keffer 79-84-81-88—332
Joe Sylvester 81-81-87-83—332
George Cummings 81-79-88-86—334
Tom Bonnar 86-79-85-88—338
Robert Thomson 84-79-90-87—340

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