1912 U.S. Open: Champ Goes Back-to-Back

The 1912 U.S. Open was the 18th time the tournament was played. The winner earned his second consecutive national open title.

Winner: John McDermott, 294

Where it was played: Country Club of Buffalo in Williamsville, New York

Tournament dates: August 1-2, 1912

Leader after first round: Mike Brady and George Sargent, 72

Leader after second round: Alex Smith, Mike Brady and Percy Barrett, 147

Leader after third round: Mike Brady, 220

Notable Notes: Mike Brady held or shared the lead each of the first three rounds, but he couldn't keep it in the last. Brady shot 79 in Round 4, allowing defending champ John McDermott to easily move past him with a 71. McDermott won his second straight U.S. Open, this time by two strokes over Tom McNamara. Brady's total was 2-under par, making him the first U.S. Open winner to finish below par.

Final Scores

John McDermott 74-75-74-71—294
Tom McNamara 74-80-73-69—296
Mike Brady 72-75-73-79—299
Alex Smith 77-70-77-75—299
Alex Campbell 74-77-80-71—302
George Sargent 72-78-76-77—303
Jack Dowling 76-79-76-74—305
Otto Hackbarth 77-77-75-76—305
Charles Murray 75-78-77-76—306
Tom Anderson Jr. 75-76-81-75—307
Frank Peebles 73-76-83-75—307
a-Walter Travis 73-79-78-77—307
Fred McLeod 79-77-75-77—308
George Simpson 79-73-77-79—308
Percy Barrett 74-73-83-79—309
a-John G. Anderson 80-79-78-73—310
David Ogilvie 74-83-73-80—310
Jim Barnes 77-73-79-82—311
John Dingwall 77-77-78-79—311
Willie Macfarlane 77-81-73-80—311
Jack Croke 74-81-78-79—312
Tom Vardon 74-83-79-76—312
Jack Campbell 74-75-83-81—313
George Cummings 78-79-77-79—313
Jock Hutchison 78-77-82-76—313
Albert Murray 78-79-79-78—314
Charles Rowe 77-78-79-81—315
Dave Robertson 80-82-77-77—316
Peter Robertson 77-82-81-76—316
David Black 78-77-78-84—317
David Honeyman 80-82-79-76—317
David Livie 82-80-76-79—317
a-William Gardner Ii 78-80-79-82—319
Frank Belwood 76-80-81-83—320
Jack Hobens 83-79-76-82—320
James Thompson 78-78-78-86—320
Tom Bonnar 76-79-81-85—321
Karl Keffer 76-76-86-85—323
Tom Mulgrew 79-85-76-84—324
John Harland 76-84-81-83—324
James Dougherty 82-77-83-83—325
Walter Fovargue 81-83-78-83—325
a-Howard Lee 82-80-81-82—325
C.W. Singleton 82-76-82-85—325
Ben Lord 80-86-88-81—335
James Green 83-81-79-83—326
David Hunter 80-85-77-84—326
Jack Jolly 80-79-78-89—326
Arthur Woodward 79-86-79-82—326
Thomas Edwards 78-87-84-80—329
John Hagan 80-83-80-87—330
Irving Stringer 83-82-83-86—334
William Trovinger 77-82-86-89—334

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