How to Play the No Putts Golf Game

"No Putts" is the name of a golf betting game that puts the onus on the other parts of a golfer's game. Because in No Putts, it's every stroke except putting strokes that counts.

When a group is playing No Putts, all the golfers play their round as per usual, counting every stroke. But on their scorecards, all are also keeping track of the number of putts they take on each hole.

At the end of the round, subtract the number of putts from the total strokes, and that is your No Putts score: All your strokes other than putting strokes. If your total score was 87 but you used 31 putts, then your No Putts score is 56 (87 minus 31).

No Putts is a good game to play for golfers who really want to concentrate on tee-to-green play. Or for a group of golfers who are terrible putters.

Did you know No Putts was inspired by Ben Hogan? Hogan was known, at different points in his career, for decrying that putting is even part of golf. He believed that full swings and short-game swings are where the real challenge and genius of the game lies.

For example, in comments made on April 5, 1957, Hogan said this:

"I have always contended golf is one game and putting is another. One game is played in the air, the other is played on the ground.

"If I had my way, every golf green would be made into a huge funnel. So that when you hit the funnel the ball would roll down a pipe into the hole.

"That way there would be no expensive upkeep of grass on the greens. And there would be much less misery among the golfers."

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