1938 British Open Winner and Scores

The 1938 British Open was the 73rd time this major was played.

Winner: Reg Whitcombe, 295

Where it was played: Royal St. George's Golf Club in Sandwich, England

Tournament dates: July 6-8, 1938

Leader after first round: Ernest Whitcombe, John Fallon, Marce Dallemagne, Bill Cox, Jimmy Adams and Jimmy Bruen (a), 70

Leader after second round: Dick Burton, Jack Busson and Bill Cox, 140

Leader after third round: Reg Whitcombe, 217

Notable Notes: All three of the Whitcombe brothers — Reg, Ernest and Charles — were in the Top 10 following the first round. But following the final round, it was Reg who emerged as the winner despite a score of 78. ... That 78 was good enough because, in a final round played in gale-force winds, only seven golfers broke 80. ... Reg Whitcombe had been runner-up a year earlier at the 1937 Open.

Final Scores

Reg Whitcombe 71-71-75-78—295
Jimmy Adams 70-71-78-78—297
Henry Cotton 74-73-77-74—298
Dick Burton 71-69-78-85—303
John Busson 71-69-83-80—303
Allan Dailey 73-72-80-78—303
Alf Padgham 74-72-75-82—303
Fred Bullock 73-74-77-80—304
Bill Cox 70-70-84-80—304
Bert Gadd 71-70-84-80—305
Bobby Locke 73-72-81-79—305
Charles Whitcombe 71-75-79-80—305
Sid Brews 76-70-84-77—307
Dai Rees 73-72-79-83—307
Hamish Ballingall 76-72-83-77—308
Alf Perry 71-74-77-86—308
Arthur Lacey 74-72-82-81—309
Bill Shankland 74-72-84-81—311
Ernest Whitcombe 70-77-83-82—312
James Black 72-72-83-86—313
P.J. Mahon 73-74-83-83—313
Jack McLean 72-74-83-85—314
Marcel Dallemagne 70-74-86-85—315
William Hastings 74-74-83-84—315
Sam King 74-73-83-85—315
John Fallon 70-75-82-89—316
a-E.F. Storey 77-71-84-84—316
Ernest Kenyon 77-71-86-83—317
R.H. Pemberton 74-72-91-80—317
a-Cyril Tolley 77-68-86-86—317
Alfred G. Beck 76-72-84-86—318
Robert French 72-71-91-85—319
Norman Sutton 72-75-87-85—319
a-Hector Thomson 77-71-82-89—319
Tom Haliburton 72-74-88-86—320
a-J.J.F. Pennink 74-72-86-90—322

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