1931 PGA Championship Winner and Scores

The 1931 PGA Championship was the 14th time this major was played.

Winner: Tom Creavy

Where it was played: Wannamoisett Country Club in Rumfort, Rhode Island

Tournament dates: Sept. 14-19, 1931

Notable notes: Tom Creavy defeated Denny Shute in the championship match by a 2-and-1 final score. Today, this is Creavy's only tournament victory recognized as a PGA Tour win. ... Creavy was only 20 years old and became the second-youngest major winner. The only major winner younger than Creavy at this point was Gene Sarazen, whom Creavy defeated in the semifinals. ... Shute later won three majors himself: the 1933 British Open, and the PGA Championships in 1936-37.

Late-Round Match Scores

Round of 16 (36 holes)
Gene Sarazen def. Paul Runyan, 7 and 6
Horton Smith def. Willie Macfarlane, 6 and 5
Cyril Walker def. Johnny Golden, 5 and 4
Tom Creavy def. Peter O'Hara, 2-up
Billy Burke def. Bob Crowley, 5 and 4
Abe Espinosa def. Bill Mehlhorn, 2 and 1
Denny Shute def. Jim Foulis, 2 and 1
Tommy Armour def. Walter Murray, 5 and 3

Quarterfinals (36 holes)
Tom Creavy def. Cyril Walker, 3 and 1
Gene Sarazen def. Horton Smith, 5 and 4
Denny Shute def. Tommy Armour, 3 and 1
Billy Burke def. Abe Espinosa, 5 and 3

Semifinals (36 holes)
Tom Creavy def. Gene Sarazen, 5 and 3
Denny Shute def. Billy Burke, 1-up

Championship Match (36 holes)
Tom Creavy def. Denny Shute, 2 and 1

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