1968 PGA Championship: Winners and Scores

The 1968 PGA Championship was the 50th anniversary edition of the tournament, the 50th time it was played. And the winner, nearly 50 years old, set an age-related record that wasn't broken for more than 50 years.

Winner: Julius Boros, 281

Where it was played: Pecan Valley Golf Club in San Antonio, Texas

Tournament dates: July 18-21, 1968

Leader after first round: Marty Fleckman, 66

Leader after second round: Frank Beard and Marty Fleckman, 138

Leader after third round: Frank Beard and Marty Fleckman, 210

What Happened in the 1968 PGA Championship

The 1968 PGA Championship was the 50th PGA Championship played and a golfer almost as old as the tournament won it. It was the runner-up who garnered many of the headlines, however. That's because the runner-up was Arnold Palmer. The PGA Championship proved to be the only one of the four majors that Arnie never won, and his finish here was one of three second-place showings in this tournament for him.

Palmer nearly pulled off the victory, despite battling putting problems throughout the final round. Palmer, Bob Charles and Julius Boros began the final round two strokes off the lead shared by Frank Beard and Marty Fleckman. Beard and Fleckman melted in the scorching Texas summer, but the other three didn't.

Palmer reached the final hole needing birdie to take the lead, then hooked his tee shot into the rough and among the trees left of the fairway. He had 230 yards uphill to a two-tiered green, but striped a 3-wood to birdie distance (variously described as from eight to 12 feet) from the cup. But then he missed the birdie putt. Palmer still, though, got into the clubhouse at 281, tied with Charles, the 1963 British Open winner, for the clubhouse lead.

But Boros was still on the course. And he reached the final hole one stroke ahead of Palmer and Charles. That lead appeared in danger, however, when Boros missed the green on his approach. But he pitched to within a few feet and rolled in the par putt for the victory.

Boros was 48 years and four months old, making him, at the time, the oldest winner not just of the PGA Championship but of any of the four professional majors. He held both those records all the way until the 2021 PGA Championship, when Phil Mickelson, at age 50, won. For Boros, the 1968 PGA was his third win in a major, and the second in his 40s. At age 43, he won the 1963 U.S. Open.

While the 48-year-old Boros handled the heat, the 20-years-younger Jack Nicklaus didn't. Nicklaus shot 71-79 and missed the cut in a PGA Championship for the first time in his career. Two golfers who went on to win two PGA Championships each made their tournament debuts this year: Lee Trevino and Dave Stockton. Stockton tied for 17th, Trevino tied for 23rd.

The host golf course, Pecan Valley in San Antonio, is one of a small number of 20th-century major championship venues that no longer exist.

1968 PGA Championship Final Scores

Julius Boros 71-71-70-69—281
Bob Charles 72-70-70-70—282
Arnold Palmer 71-69-72-70—282
George Archer 71-69-74-69—283
Marty Fleckman 66-72-72-73—283
Frank Beard 68-70-72-74—284
Billy Casper 74-70-70-70—284
Miller Barber 70-70-72-73—285
Frank Boynton 70-73-72-70—285
Charles Coody 70-77-70-68—285
Al Geiberger 70-73-71-71—285
Bob Goalby 73-72-70-70—285
Lou Graham 73-70-70-72—285
Doug Sanders 72-67-73-73—285
Dan Sikes 70-72-73-70—285
Kermit Zarley 72-75-68-70—285
Dave Hill 72-74-69-71—286
Mason Rudolph 69-75-70-72—286
Dave Stockton 75-71-68-72—286
Gay Brewer 71-72-72-72—287
Al Mengert 71-73-70-73—287
Dick Rhyan 72-72-68-75—287
Bruce Crampton 71-75-70-72—288
Lee Trevino 69-71-72-76—288
Bert Yancey 75-71-70-72—288
Tommy Aaron 73-73-73-70—289
Don Bies 69-73-74-73—289
Dick Crawford 71-75-73-70—289
Steve Reid 73-73-71-72—289
Gardner Dickinson 74-69-76-71—290
Lionel Hebert 75-71-70-74—290
Gene Littler 73-74-74-69—290
Bob Lunn 72-75-72-71—290
Johnny Pott 70-70-75-76—291
Sam Snead 75-71-72-73—291
Terry Wilcox 74-73-71-73—291
Mac Hunter 71-72-73-76—292
John Lively 74-74-72-72—292
Jerry Pittman 74-71-74-73—292
Bill Sporre 73-73-76-70—292
Tim Debaufre 72-75-73-73—293
Raymond Floyd 79-70-73-71—293
Earl Jacobson 73-74-74-72—293
Tom Shaw 76-71-77-69—293
Harold Henning 73-74-76-71—294
Robert Stone 74-72-72-76—294
Larry Wise 75-71-74-74—294
Al Chandler 72-74-77-72—295
Dow Finsterwald 71-75-75-74—295
Ken Venturi 74-71-75-75—295
Tommy Aycock 73-74-71-78—296
Sam Carmichael 73-73-78-72—296
Don January 78-71-75-72—296
Jim Mooney 75-74-73-75—297
Stan Mosel 76-73-77-71—297
Don Whitt T75-71-74-77—297
Laurie Hammer 70-78-78-72—298
Bobby Nichols 75-72-76-75—298
Ross Coon 72-76-76-75—299
Bob Hamilton 78-71-74-76—299
Bobby Mitchell 74-75-72-78—299
Horace Moore 72-76-77-74—299
Charles Sifford 73-74-77-75—299
Bob Benning 76-71-79-74—300
Bill Collins 76-73-74-77—300
Pat Rea 76-73-76-75—300
Joe Cardenas 73-74-80-75—302
Bob Crowley 77-71-77-77—302
Jim Picard 77-70-77-79—303
Gene Mitchell 75-70-82-79—306
Robert Schoener 79-70-79-78—306
Gene Webb 76-73-79-78—306
Manuel De La Torre 73-76-80-78—307
Larry Ziegler 75-73-76-83—307

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