1969 PGA Championship Winner and Scores

The 1969 PGA Championship was the 51st time the tournament was played. Nine golfers shared the first-round lead, including Raymond Floyd. But Floyd took over from there, leading after each succeeding round. That included a final winning margin of one stroke over runner-up Gary Player.

Winner: Raymond Floyd, 276

Where it was played: NCR Country Club in Kettering, Ohio

Tournament dates: August 14-17, 1969

Leader after first round: Al Geiberger, Bob Lunn, Bunky Henry, Charles Coody, Johnny Pott, Larry Mowry, Larry Ziegler, Raymond Floyd and Tom Shaw, 69

Leader after second round: Raymond Floyd, 135

Leader after third round: Raymond Floyd, 202

What Happened at the 1969 PGA Championship

Raymond Floyd began to fulfill his promise at the 1969 PGA Championship, which is also noted as a tournament at which the social turmoil of the 1960s broke into the well-cacooned world of professional golf.

One of golf's greatest, Gary Player, hailed from a country, South Africa, that at that time employed a policy of brutally enforced racial segregation and discrimination known as apartheid. Player's history with apartheid is complicated, and early in his career he defended the practice. But by this point in his career he was working, mostly quietly, to improve the situation in his homeland.

Apartheid protesters interruped the 1969 PGA Championship in the third round, and hounded Player throughout the tournament. Player told Golf magazine, in an article published in 2009, that the protesters "... threw ice at my face, threw telephone books at the top of my backswing, said they would kill me. I had policemen guarding me. It cost me seven strokes, and I lost by one."

The golfer Player lost to was Floyd, who barely held off Player in the final round. Floyd, after shooting three rounds in the 60s, took a 5-stroke lead into the final round, then shot 74 to Player's 70. Player was within one stroke after Floyd bogeyed the 13th and 15th holes, but then Player had his own bogey on the 16th. Player cut the margin again with a birdie on the 17th, and that's how it finished — Floyd winning by one.

Floyd first won on the PGA Tour in 1963, and much later in his career he was one of the most-respected players on tour, with a reputation for steely-eyed precision and toughness. In 1969, however, his reputation was that of a party boy who hadn't lived up to his potential. He was known for late-night drinking and carousing. Floyd even, for a time, promoted an all-female rock band that performed topless.

His win here was Floyd's first major championship title and his fifth win on the PGA Tour. He didn't win again until 1975, so that reputation didn't change overnight as a result of this victory. But Floyd did begin the process of shirking that reputation here. He finished his career with 22 PGA Tour wins total and four career wins in majors, including the 1982 PGA Championship.

Beginning with this PGA Championship, and continuing into the 2010s, the tournament moved to August and was the last major championship played each year. They key thing about that is that it put some separation between the British Open and PGA Championship on the schedule, making it much easier for golfers who wanted to play both tournaments to do so. (In some previous years, those two majors had even overlapped.)

Jim Turnesa, winner of the 1952 PGA Championship, played a major for the last time here and made the cut, finishing tied for 76th.

1969 PGA Championship Final Scores

Raymond Floyd 69-66-67-74—276
Gary Player 71-65-71-70—277
Bert Greene 71-68-68-71—278
Jimmy Wright 71-68-69-71—279
Miller Barber 73-75-64-68—280
Larry Ziegler 69-71-70-70—280
Charles Coody 69-71-72-69—281
Orville Moody 70-68-71-72—281
Terry Wilcox 72-71-72-66—281
Frank Beard 70-75-68-69—282
Don Bies 74-64-71-74—283
Bunky Henry 69-68-70-76—283
Larry Mowry 69-71-69-74—283
Jack Nicklaus 70-68-74-71—283
Chi Chi Rodriguez 72-72-71-69—284
Bruce Crampton 70-70-72-72—284
Dave Hill 74-75-67-68—284
Don January 75-70-70-69—284
Howie Johnson 73-68-72-72—285
Johnny Pott 69-75-71-70—285
Ron Cerrudo 74-66-70-76—286
Bobby Cole 72-74-71-69—286
Bob Lunn 69-74-73-70—286
Tom Shaw 69-75-73-69—286
Julius Boros 72-74-70-71—287
Gay Brewer 74-71-76-66—287
Bob Dickson 74-72-70-71—287
Tony Jacklin 73-70-73-71—287
George Knudson 70-75-67-75—287
Fred Marti 73-70-71-73—287
Dan Sikes 71-74-69-73—287
Butch Baird 71-71-75-71—288
Bruce Devlin 70-78-69-71—288
Al Mengert 74-72-72-70—288
Billy Casper 72-74-70-73—289
Bob Charles 75-73-72-69—289
Al Geiberger 69-72-77-71—289
Mac McLendon 73-68-75-73—289
Steve Reid 72-75-71-71—289
Dave Stockton 75-67-71-76—289
Pete Brown 77-72-70-71—290
Gardner Dickinson 72-70-72-76—290
Dick Hart 73-73-72-72—290
Harold Henning 74-73-70-74—291
Larry Hinson 75-74-70-72—291
Bobby Nichols 74-71-75-71—291
Tom Weiskopf 70-76-70-75—291
Bobby Brue 73-71-74-74—292
Dale Douglass 73-76-72-71—292
Gene Littler 73-76-71-72—292
Dick Lotz 75-73-69-75—292
Dave Marr 78-68-71-75—292
Bobby Mitchell 73-71-75-73—292
Phil Rodgers 70-72-75-75—292
Lee Trevino 73-71-72-76—292
Dudley Wysong 72-76-73-71—292
Tommy Aaron 70-72-79-72—293
Jacky Cupit 70-73-75-75—293
Howell Fraser 72-76-71-75—294
Pat Schwab 75-72-73-74—294
Mike Souchak 75-73-74-72—294
Kermit Zarley 75-74-69-76—294
Dick Crawford 73-72-75-76—296
Jay Hebert 75-74-73-74—296
Davis Love Jr. 73-71-76-76—296
Billy Maxwell 76-73-75-72—296
Bob Murphy 74-71-75-76—296
Sam Snead 75-72-71-78—296
George Archer 75-74-71-77—297
Jack Burke Jr. 74-75-74-74—297
Stan Dudas 76-70-76-75—297
Jack McGowan 76-73-72-76—297
Ed Kroll 72-70-79-77—298
Bob Stanton 77-72-73-76—298
Stan Thirsk 73-75-75-75—298
John Cook 77-69-73-80—299
Dow Finsterwald 75-73-75-76—299
Jim Turnesa 74-74-77-74—299
Eddie Merrins 75-70-77-80—302

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