1947 Masters Tournament Winner and Scores

The 1947 Masters was the 11th time the tournament was played. The winner, for the first time, scored below-par in all four his tournament rounds.

Winner: Jimmy Demaret, 281

Where it was played: Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Georgia

Tournament dates: April 3-6, 1947

Leader after first round: Byron Nelson and Jimmy Demaret, 69

Leader after second round: Cary Middlecoff and Jimmy Demaret, 140

Leader after third round: Jimmy Demaret, 210

What Happened in the 1947 Masters Tournament

Going into the 1947 Masters, only two golfers had won the tournament multiple times: Horton Smith and Byron Nelson. This was only the 11th time the tournament was played, after all. But at the end of the 1947 Masters, Jimmy Demaret joined Smith and Nelson as 2-time Masters champions.

Demaret previously won The Masters in 1940 and later won in 1950 to become the first 3-time winner.

This year, Demaret won by posting below-par scores in all four rounds, and he was the first golfer to do that in The Masters. Demaret shared the lead with Nelson after a first-round 69, then tied Cary Middlecoff atop the leaderboard at 140 with a second-round 71.

But a 70 in the third round gave Demaret a 3-stroke lead. Middlecoff faded in the final two rounds, shooting 76-80, but Nelson hung around. Demaret's 71 in the final round, however, gave Nelson no openings. Demaret finished at 7-under 281, two strokes better than runners-up Nelson and Frank Stranahan.

Stranahan was an amateur. No amateur has ever won The Masters, but three times an amateur has finished second. Stranahan's second-place showing in 1947 was the first of those three occurrences. Stranahan later won the 1948 and 1950 British Amateur Championships.

Bobby Jones played in The Masters for the second-to-last time. He started with a 75 then scored three rounds of 78 and higher (closing with a 80). He finished tied 55th, third from the bottom.

Let's also give a mention to Ellsworth Vines, who played in three Masters — the 1947 Masters being his first — and never threatened to win. Why does he deserve mention? Because Vines was a major champion ... in tennis. Vines won the 1931 and 1932 U.S. Open tennis championships, plus the 1932 Wimbledon championship. He quit tennis at age 28 and near the top of his game because he simply loved golf even more.

1947 Masters Final Scores

Jimmy Demaret 69-71-70-71—281
Byron Nelson 69-72-72-70—283
a-Frank Stranahan 73-72-70-68—283
Ben Hogan 75-68-71-70—284
Harold "Jug" McSpaden 74-69-70-71—284
Jim Ferrier 70-71-73-72—286
Henry Picard 73-70-72-71—286
Chandler Harper 77-72-68-70—287
Lloyd Mangrum 76-73-68-70—287
Dick Metz 72-72-72-71—287
Ed Oliver 70-72-74-71—287
Toney Penna 71-70-75-71—287
Johnny Bulla 70-75-74-69—288
a-Dick Chapman 72-71-74-72—289
Lawson Little 71-71-76-71—289
Bobby Locke 74-74-71-70—289
Herman Barron 71-71-74-74—290
Fred Haas Jr. 70-74-73-73—290
Johnny Palmer 70-73-74-73—290
Denny Shute 73-75-72-71—291
Vic Ghezzi 73-77-71-71—292
Horton Smith 72-70-76-75—293
Sam Snead 72-71-75-75—293
Herman Keiser 74-75-73-72—294
Ellsworth Vines 75-71-75-73—294
Claude Harmon 73-69-76-77—295
Gene Sarazen 75-76-74-70—295
George Schneiter 70-75-78-72—295
Dutch Harrison 74-71-74-77—296
Clayton Heafner 75-73-75-73—296
Cary Middlecoff 71-69-76-80—296
Harry Todd 74-74-71-77—296
Chick Harbert 71-72-71-83—297
Ky Laffoon 74-74-73-76—297
Frank Moore 76-74-71-76—297
Lew Worsham 70-76-71-80—297
Ed Dudley 72-75-73-78—298
George Schoux 71-72-78-78—299
Charles Congdon 75-74-75-76—300
George Fazio 75-78-71-76—300
Gene Kunes 74-73-78-75—300
Bob Hamilton 72-78-74-77—301
Johnny Revolta 75-73-77-76—301
Ed Furgol 77-73-71-81—302
Jim Turnesa 80-72-77-73—302
a-Charles Lind 75-76-75-77—303
Steve Kovack 78-73-78-75—304
Felix Serafin 75-73-79-77—304
a-Robert Willits 76-78-75-75—304
a-George Hamer 77-77-77-74—305
a-Skee Riegel 75-80-75-75—305
Jim Foulis 77-76-79-74—306
Johnny Farrell 80-76-76-79—311
Craig Wood 78-80-75-78—311
Bobby Jones 75-79-78-80—312
a-Charlie Yates 77-75-81-79—312
Billy Burke 83-73-81-77—314

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