1946 Masters Tournament Results

The Masters resumed in 1946 following a 3-year break due to World War II. It was the 10th Masters.

Winner: Herman Keiser, 282

Where it was played: Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Georgia

Tournament dates: April 4-7, 1946

Leader after first round: Chick Harbert and Herman Keiser, 69

Leader after second round: Herman Keiser, 137

Leader after third round: Herman Keiser, 208

Notable Notes: The 1946 Masters was a milestone one in two regards: it was the 10th time the tournament was played, and it was the first post-World War II Masters. The tournament was canceled during the war years of 1943-45.

The winner was little-known Herman Keiser, who took a 5-shot lead into the final round, then barely survived. Keiser shot 74, while Ben Hogan made a run at the lead with a 70. But after Keiser opened the door for Hogan to tie by three-putting the last green, Hogan followed with his own final-hole 3-putt. (For the rest of his life, Keiser thought Augusta National members had tried to sabotage him in the final two rounds.)

Final Scores

Herman Keiser 69-68-71-74—282
Ben Hogan 74-70-69-70—283
Bob Hamilton 75-69-71-72—287
Jimmy Demaret 75-70-71-73—289
Jim Ferrier 74-72-68-75—289
Ky Laffoon 74-73-70-72—289
Chick Harbert 69-75-76-70—290
Clayton Heafner 74-69-71-76—290
Byron Nelson 72-73-71-74—290
Sam Snead 74-75-70-71—290
Jim Foulis 75-70-72-74—291
Vic Ghezzi 71-79-67-76—293
a-Cary Middlecoff 72-76-71-74—293
George Schneiter 73-73-72-75—293
Fred Haas Jr. 71-75-68-80—294
Johnny Bulla 72-76-73-74—295
Lloyd Mangrum 76-75-72-72—295
Claude Harmon 76-75-74-71—296
Chandler Harper 74-76-73-74—297
a-Frank Stranahan 76-74-73-75—298
Lawson Little 74-74-78-73—299
Toney Penna 71-73-80-75—299
Felix Serafin 76-75-79-69—299
Horton Smith 78-77-75-69—299
Herman Barron 74-73-74-79—300
Henry Picard 79-73-71-77—300
Denny Shute 79-77-71-73—300
Jimmy Thomson 72-70-79-79—300
Gene Kunes 76-72-77-76—301
Harold McSpaden 75-74-75-77—301
Al Zimmerman 76-76-74-75—301
Ed Dudley 76-76-76-74—302
Bobby Jones 75-72-77-78—302
Dick Metz 77-75-71-79—302
Johnny Palmer 76-75-77-74—302
Al Watrous 80-76-72-74—302
Dutch Harrison 75-77-75-76—303
Ed Oliver 79-73-71-80—303
Jim Turnesa 73-78-71-81—303
Sam Byrd 75-79-71-79—304
a-Dick Chapman 77-77-73-79—306
Ralph Hutchison 79-78-75-74—306
Leland Gibson 78-80-75-75—308
Rod Munday 78-77-76-78—309
Buck White 77-82-76-75—310
Billy Burke 80-80-77-75—312
a-Bob Cochran 81-76-76-80—313
Ralph Guldahl 85-76-78-76—315
Jimmy Hines 79-80-77-80—316
a-Charlie Yates 78-79-78-86—321

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