1962 U.S. Open: Nicklaus' First Pro Win

The 1962 U.S. Open was the 62nd time the tournament was played, and the site of Jack Nicklaus' first professional victory.

Winner: Jack Nicklaus, 283

Where it was played: Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont, Pennsylvania

Tournament dates: June 14-17, 1962

Leader after first round: Gene Littler, 69

Leader after second round: Arnold Palmer and Bob Rosburg, 139

Leader after third round: Arnold Palmer and Bobby Nichols, 212

Notable Notes: Jack Nicklaus was in his rookie year as a professional golfer; Arnold Palmer was at the height of his skills and playing on home turn in Pennsylvania. But it was the youngster who prevailed. Nicklaus caught Palmer in the final round, tying him at 283 and forcing an 18-hole playoff. In the playoff, Palmer started with a bogey, fell two behind Nicklaus after four, and four behind after six holes. Nicklaus wound up winning 71 to 74.

Final Scores

Jack Nicklaus 72-70-72-69—283
Arnold Palmer 71-68-73-71—283
Bobby Nichols 70-72-70-73—285
Phil Rodgers 74-70-69-72—285
Gay Brewer 73-72-73-69—287
Tommy Jacobs 74-71-73-70—288
Gary Player 71-71-72-74—288
Doug Ford 74-75-71-70—290
Gene Littler 69-74-72-75—290
Billy Maxwell 71-70-75-74—290
Doug Sanders 74-74-74-69—291
Art Wall 73-72-72-74—291
Bob Rosburg 70-69-74-79—292
a-Deane Beman 74-72-80-67—293
Bob Goalby 73-74-73-73—293
Mike Souchak 75-73-72-73—293
Jacky Cupit 73-72-72-77—294
Jay Hebert 75-72-73-74—294
Earl Stewart Jr. 75-73-75-71—294
Donald Whitt 73-71-75-75—294
Bo Wininger 73-74-69-78—294
Miller Barber 73-70-77-75—295
Gardner Dickinson 76-74-75-71—296
Lionel Hebert 75-72-75-74—296
Stan Leonard 72-73-78-74—297
a-Edward Meister Jr. 78-72-76-71—297
Frank Boynton 71-75-74-78—298
Joe Campbell 78-71-72-78—299
Dave Douglas 74-70-72-83—299
Paul Harney 73-73-71-82—299
Dean Refram 75-73-77-74—299
Mason Rudolph 74-74-73-78—299
Gene Coghill 74-76-73-77—300
J.C. Goosie 71-79-75-75—300
Jerry Pittman 75-72-75-78—300
Wes Ellis 73-73-77-78—301
Dan Sikes 74-72-78-77—301
Pete Cooper 74-76-74-78—302
Fred Hawkins 73-77-77-75—302
Bob McCallister 76-74-74-78—302
Joe Moore Jr. 77-73-74-78—302
Sam Snead 76-74-78-74—302
Al Balding 73-77-78-75—303
Charlie Sifford 75-74-76-78—303
Bruce Crampton 75-73-75-81—304
a-John Guenther 72-78-75-79—304
a-Bill Hyndman 73-76-78-77—304
a-Bob Gardner 76-74-77-78—305
Johnny Pott 75-75-75-80—305
Charles Garlena 74-72-82-81—309
Edward Rubis 76-74-81-78—309

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