1958 PGA Championship Winner and Scores

The 1958 PGA Championship was the 40th time the tournament was played. But for the first of those 40 times, stroke play, not match play, was the format.

Winner: Dow Finsterwald, 276

Where it was played: Llanerch Country Club in Havertown, Pennsylvania

Tournament dates: July 17-20, 1958

Leader after first round: Dow Finsterwald, 67

Leader after second round: Dow Finsterwald and Jay Hebert, 139

Leader after third round: Sam Snead, 207

What Happened at the 1958 PGA Championship

Dow Finsterwald had the lowest score in the first round, and also the lowest score in the last round. On the strength of that opening and closing, Finsterwald became the first PGA Championship winner in the tournament's new stroke-play era. A year earlier, the 1957 PGA Championship, like every previous one going back to the first in 1916, used a match-play format. Finsterwald was runner-up in 1957, losing in the final to Lionel Hebert.

When Finsterwald left the 1957 PGA, neither he nor any of the other golfers knew it was the last match-play PGA. But at the PGA of America's national meetings in November, the organization announced it was switching to stroke play, the same format used by each of the other professional majors. Finsterwald wound up being the runner-up in the last match-play PGA and the winner in the first stroke-play PGA.

Finsterwald's opening 67 gave him a one-stroke lead. He was still tied for first after a 72 in the second round, but a 70 in the third round dropped him to third. Sam Snead was the leader, one stroke ahead of Billy Casper and two ahead of Finsterwald.

Then Finsterwald threw another 67 on the board in the final round that included a 31 on the front nine. It was enough to give him the two-stroke win over Casper, who was making his PGA Championship debut. Snead, going for a fourth PGA Championship win, scored 73 and finished third. For Finsterwald, this was the fourth of his 11 career wins on the PGA Tour. It remained his only win in a major.

This wasn't just the first stroke-play PGA Championship, but also the first one televised. The CBS network aired the final three holes of tournament play, plus the trophy presentation.

And it wasn't just Casper's first PGA Championship, but also Arnold Palmer's. Palmer finished tied for 40th place. Casper went on to win 51 PGA Tour titles, and Palmer won 62. But neither one ever won the PGA Championship.

1958 PGA Championship Final Scores

Dow Finsterwald 67-72-70-67—276
Billy Casper 73-67-68-70—278
Sam Snead 73-67-67-73—280
Jack Burke Jr. 70-72-69-70—281
Tommy Bolt 72-70-73-70—285
Julius Boros 72-68-73-72—285
Jay Hebert 68-71-73-73—285
Buster Cupit 71-74-69-73—287
Ed Oliver 74-73-71-69—287
Mike Souchak 75-69-69-74—287
Doug Ford 72-70-70-76—288
Bob Rosburg 71-73-76-68—288
Art Wall 71-78-67-72—288
Fred Hawkins 72-75-70-73—290
Dick Mayer 69-76-69-76—290
John Barnum 75-69-74-73—291
Walter Burkemo 76-73-66-76—291
Lionel Hebert 69-73-74-75—291
Bo Wininger 76-73-69-73—291
Ted Kroll 69-74-75-74—292
Cary Middlecoff 71-73-76-72—292
Eric Monti 73-71-73-75—292
Bob Toski 79-70-71-72—292
Ken Venturi 72-73-74-73—292
Pete Cooper 74-77-73-69—293
George Fazio 72-74-73-74—293
Bob Gajda 75-70-75-73—293
Billy Maxwell 75-69-74-75—293
Dick Shoemaker 79-72-73-70—294
Don Whitt 71-72-73-78—294
Mike Fetchick 74-76-71-74—295
Frank Stranahan 76-76-74-69—295
Errie Ball 79-72-72-73—296
Tom Talkington 75-73-73-75—296
Herman Barron 75-71-75-76—297
Dick Cline 75-72-77-73—297
Bill Collins 71-70-77-79—297
Mike Dietz 77-70-74-76—297
Felice Torza 69-72-75-81—297
Henry Castillo 75-76-75-72—298
Bill Ezinicki 76-70-80-72—298
Arnold Palmer 76-71-77-74—298
Skee Riegel 76-77-74-71—298
Eddie Burke 75-75-77-72—299
Bob Crowley 70-76-73-80—299
Bill Johnston 75-72-77-75—299
Dave Marr 72-79-74-74—299
Ed Furgol 78-76-72-74—300
Jackson Bradley 77-77-73-74—301
Jack Isaacs 74-75-78-74—301
Chuck Klein 78-75-74-74—301
Henry Williams 75-74-77-75—301
Mike Krak 74-78-74-76—302
Toby Lyons 75-73-74-80—302
Thorne Wood 77-75-70-80—302
Brien Charter 72-75-80-76—303
Vic Ghezzi 75-74-76-78—303
Claude Harmon 77-75-76-75—303
Al Brosch 75-79-74-78—306
James Gantz 76-76-75-79—306
Gus Salerno 79-75-74-78—306
Larry Bartosek 75-79-74-79—307
Ewing Pomeroy 80-74-74-82—310
George Griffin 74-76-78-83—311

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