How to Play the Splix Sixes Golf Game

Split Sixes is the name of a game specifically for three golfers. On each hole, those golfers' scores determine how they split the six points that are at stake.

Split Sixes has multiple alternate names, with English joining Split Sixes as the most commonly used. It is also called the 6-Point Game and Cricket. Triples is a very similar game and sometimes means the same thing as Split Sixes.

In Split Sixes, a threesome of golfers tees off, each golfer playing standard stroke play into the hole. And on each hole, a total of six points are available. How do those points get split up? Based on each golfer's score, with the basic allotment working like this:

  • The golfer with the best score on the hole wins 4 points.
  • The golfer with the middle score on the hole earns 2 points.
  • The golfer with the worst score on the hole gets nothing.
Tie scores will be common throughout the round, though, so how are ties handled in Split Sixes?
  • If two golfers tie for best score (low strokes), each gets 3 points.
  • If all three golfers tie, they each get 2 points.
  • If two players tie for second-best score on hole, each gets 1 point.
The point of the game is to win the most points. And the next-best thing is accrue the second-most points. Golfers playing Split Sixes need to agree before the round starts how much each point is worth. When the final points are added up, the golfer with the most points gets paid the difference by the other two, and the last-place golfer also owes the player who finished second.

Another way to bet Split Sixes is for each golfer to put the agreed-upon amount of money into a pot, with the winner taking all (or 70-percent to the winner, 30-percent to runner-up) at the end of the round.

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