How to Play the Red Tee Rally Golf Game

Have you heard of the Red Tee Rally? It's a golf format. Two golf formats, actually: One game that goes by the named Red Tee Rally is a quick(er) and quirky version of a skins game. A second format called Red Tee Rally is a closer-to-standard association, league or playday format.

In both versions, though, the common theme is golfers play all holes from the red tees (meaning the forward tees) and the competition is over nine holes rather than 18.

Red Tee Rally Betting Game

The skins-game version called Red Tee Rally goes like this: It's a 9-hole skins game for a group of four that is played from the forward tees.

Oh, there's also this catch: Every golfer, on every hole, must tee off using driver. Yep, even on a short par-3, you must hit driver for your tee shot.

So on the first hole, the four golfers in the group move up to the red (forward) tees and hit driver — regardless of whether that hole is a par-3, 4 or 5. And playing from the forward tees, you might encounter other holes over the nine on which driver is not the club you'd normally use. But in this version of Red Tee Rally, driver is the only club you use from each teeing ground.

Red Tee Rally Stroke-Play Format

If you belong to a golf association or golf league, or your local club is holding a fun tournament day, and you see a "Red Tee Rally" on the schedule, it probably means this: You'll be playing a four-person-team, stroke-play format from the forward tees. Usually, that's it. It's regular golf for teams, only played from the forward tees — and the tournament is only nine holes.

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