Glens Falls Open Golf Tournament Winners, History

The Glens Falls Open was a pro golf tournament, now classified as a PGA Tour event, played in New York eleven times, mostly in the 1930s.

First played: 1929

Last played: 1939

The Glens Falls Open was typically played in August or September. When it debuted in 1929, it boasted one the largest first-place prizes on the circuit: $1,650. The tournament ended after its 11th playing — the host club and the PGA had several disputes about prize money and entry fees over the years; plus, the final tournament had a weaker field than typical and was plagued by poor weather.

Jimmy Hines won three times, the tournament record. And Hines shares the tournament scoring record of 274 with Willie Macfarlane.

Several others won twice, including Billy Burke, the inaugural champion. Burke won the 1929 Glens Falls Open in a 9-hole playoff over "Wild Bill" Mehlhorn when he sank a long putt on the final playoff hole using his 3-iron rather than putter. Burke chose the 3-iron in order to pop his ball over an imperfection in the green.

Ky Laffoon (over Paul Runyan) and Denny Shute (over Horton Smith) were other champions who won in playoffs.

Winners of the Glens Falls Open

1929 — Billy Burke-p, 286
1930 — Tony Manero, 276
1931 — Billy Burke, 284
1932 — Denny Shute, 285
1933 — Jimmy Hines, 281
1934 — Ky Laffoon-p, 280
1935 — Willie Macfarlane, 274
1936 — Jimmy Hines, 277
1937 — Jimmy Hines, 274
1938 — Tony Manero, 281
1939 — Denny Shute-p, 276
(p-won playoff)

Golf course: Glens Falls Country Club in Glens Falls, New York, was the location of the tournament each year it was played.

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