1934 Curtis Cup Winner and Scores

The 1934 Curtis Cup was the second time the event was held and the first time it was played in the United States. Following Team USA's win here, the United States held a 2-0 lead over Team Great Britain in the series.

Final Score: USA 6.5, Great Britain 2.5

Dates Played: September 27-28, 1934

Location: Chevy Chase Club in Chevy Chase, Maryland

Team Captains: Doris Chambers for Great Britain and Glenna Collett Vare for the United States.

Team Rosters:

Notes: The inaugural 1932 Curtis Cup was played in a single day, making the 1934 edition the first one expanded to two days: foursomes on Day 1, singles on Day 2.

Britain's captain, Doris Chambers, was included on the playing roster but did not actually play. Glenna Collett-Vare, who played for Team USA in the inaugural Cup, was a non-playing captain this time.

The teams split the three available points in the first-day foursomes, but Team USA dominated the second-day singles session, winning the first five matches outright. Only Pat Walker, the first Irish golfer in the Curtis Cup (although her team still went only by "Great Britain"), won a singles match for Great Britain.

1934 Curtis Cup Results

Day 1 Foursomes
  • Pam Barton/Molly Gourlay, Great Britain, halved with Virginia Van Wie/Charlotte Glutting, USA
  • Maureen Orcutt/Leona Cheney, USA def. Diana Fishwick/Wanda Morgan, Great Britain, 2-up
  • Diana Plumpton/Pat Walker, Great Britain, def. Opal Hill/Lucille Robinson, USA, 2-up
Score after first session: Great Britain 1.5, USA 1.5

Day 2 Singles

  • Virginia Van Wie, USA def. Diana Fishwick, Great Britain, 2 and 1
  • Leona Cheney, USA def. Pam Barton, Great Britain, 7 and 5
  • Maureen Orcutt, USA, def. Molly Gourlay, Great Britain, 4 and 2
  • Charlotte Glutting, USA def. Wanda Morgan, Great Britain, 3 and 2
  • Opal Hill, USA def. Diana Plumpton, Great Britain, 3 and 2
  • Pat Walker, Great Britain def. Aniela Goldthwaite, USA, 3 and 2
Score of second session: USA 5, Great Britain 1
Overall and final score: USA 6.5, Great Britain 2.5

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