How to Play the Golf Game Named English

"English" is the name of a golf game for a group of three golfers. On each hole, those three golfers split six points between them based on which of them made the low score, the middle score and the high score.

This format is also called Split Sixes, and sometimes Cricket or 6-Point Game.

On each hole, six points are at stake in this manner:

  • The golfer with the low score gets 4 points;
  • The golfer with the middle score gets 2 points;
  • The golfer with the high score gets 0 points.
So if Golfers A, B and C score 4, 5 and 6, respectively, on the first hole, A earns 4 points, B gets 2 points and C gets nothing.

Of course, lots of holes will produce tie scores among the three golfers. What then? Luckily, English includes a formula for tie scores, too.

  • If two players tie for low score, each gets 3 points, with the high scorer getting 0.
  • If two players tie for high score, the low scorer gets 4 points and the two high scorers get 1 point each.
  • If all three players tie, either 2 points or 0 points are awarded (group members should decide this before the round begins).
The points in English can carry a monetary value that is totaled at the end of the round, with payouts being made on the differences. Or English might simply be played for points and bragging rights. Or all three golfers can put some money in the pot at the start, then divvy it up at the end based on most points, middle points and fewest points.

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