Explaining the Three Blind Mice Golf Format

Three Blind Mice is the name of a golf game that comes in two versions. Both versions involving tossing out three scores at the end of the round, and both versions can be played either as a tournament format, or as a betting game within one group of golfers.

Version 1 Is Mostly Played as a Tournament Format

In this version of Three Blind Mice, once the scorecards are turned in the tournament organizers randomly draw three holes from the course just played. Everyone's scores on those three holes are thrown out. The scorecards are retabulated based on the remaining 15 holes, and the winner is crowned.

This version of Three Blind Mice can be played by individuals or teams, gross or net. We'll use individuals in our example:

Player A scores 83 and Player B scores 90. When the round is over, the committee randomly draws holes 3, 9 and 14. Scores on those three holes are thrown out. Player A scored 15 on those three holes, so Player A's Three Blind Mice score is 68 (83 minus 15). Player B scored 18 on the three holes, so Player B's Three Blind Mice score is 72 (90 minus 18).

It's easy to see how a golfer with a higher score can wind up winning this version of Three Blind Mice with a bit of luck. Let's say the holes drawn were three of Player A's best scores, while they were three of Player B's worst scores. Player B could easily wind up "beating" Player A, despite having a higher total score.

Version 2 Is Mostly Played as Betting Game for a Group

The second version of Three Blind Mice is the same one that we've written about elsewhere, one named Three Little Pigs. This version is mostly played by a group of four golfers as a side game, but, like Version 1, can be used either as a side game or a tournament format.

In this version, it is the golfers who decide which scores to throw out, rather than a random draw. At the end of the round, each golfer throws out his or her three worst scores from the round. The remaining 15 holes are added together for the Three Blind Mice score.

Obviously, the biggest different between the two versions is who decides which three holes are eliminated from golfers' scores. In Version 1, those three holes are chosen by random draw after the round ends. In Version 2, it is a golfer's three worst scores that are eliminated.

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