How to Play the Three Little Pigs Golf Format

Have you ever had a round of golf in which you mostly played well but had just a few holes that ruined the round? Of course you have — every golfer has those rounds. But the tournament format/betting game named Three Little Pigs (or 3 Little Pigs) can take care of those holes. Because in this game, you throw out your three worst scores of the round.

At the end of the round, all golfers or teams find their three worst scores. And those scores disappear. Throw them out. The 15 holes that remain are added up to create the Three Little Pigs score.

It's that simple.

Say your scorecard at the end of the round includes an 8 and two 6s, and your 18-hole score is 93. Eight plus six plus six equals 20, so your Three Little Pigs score is 73.

Three Little Pigs scoring can be applied to any team or individual format, or a group of four golfers can use it as a wagering game for their round.

This format is also sometimes called "Mix and Match."

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